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  1. I've been thinking about it — especially with regards to PC graphics and UI. Too bad I wouldn't really know where to start, hehe.
  2. The excellent Tyranicus has now placed the Windows version of the Scenario Editor in a Wineskin:
  3. Fantastic! This is great. Thank you very much.
  4. Yeah, it's mainly the scenario editor I'm after. Am I correct in assuming that scenarios created in a Wineskinned version of the old editor would be compatible with the current BoE build?
  5. Has anyone managed to get the Scenario Editor working in any way on OS X ML? Just curious, since I haven't figured it out myself. Thanks
  6. Unless I'm very wrong, that was a new feature in Exile III, and never existed in I or II.
  7. Brilliant! That is fantastic, thank you. Is there any chance of Blades of Exile getting the same treatment?
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