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  1. I've looked into a couple of cross-platform options for GUI development and I have decided that Mono would work the best given the knowledge I have. If you look here, under the WIndows.Forms section, it appears that most applications are supported, as long as any platform specific calls are avoided. The main problem with nodes is that scenario writers are limited in what they can do by what the application developer has determined they can do. Surely there have been times that you are writing a scenario and wished there was a special node that checked for party size, or if a certain t
  2. One of my favorite memories from my childhood was playing the Exile series. The storyline, the dialog, and the puzzles were all fascinating to me, and I feel like I learned a lot from the games. I have followed the progress of the Open Source Blades of Exile project for some time, and I can respect what Celtic Minstrel and others have done to make this game compatible on more modern systems. Sadly, it looks as though BoE will always be stuck on the desktop, never making the transition to newer platforms and technologies. I want to change that. I have been mulling around ideas for how t
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