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  1. I really can't justify doing his quests, unfortunately. He doesn't even *try* to pretend that his work is benefiting anyone.
  2. Hi all. I'm sure I could find this information by looking at walkthroughs and so forth, but I don't want too many spoilers. Therefore, please answer these questions in monosyllables with minimal spoilers if possible =) Question 1. Will I ever get the chance to kill Gladwell without irritating the other residents of Patrick's Tower (or other good guys)? Because, see, I think the guy's a menace, but I don't want to just kill him and aggro other friendlies. Question 2. If the answer to Question 1 is "Yes," then do I have to do any of his quests in order to be given the opportunity to kill
  3. Kind of a shame you didn't allow it into battle. That thing kicks arse, if I recall correctly. I didn't have any trouble keeping it alive during the fight with Lysstak and it did quite a bit of damage. (On normal difficulty, though. Not sure how well it does on higher levels.)
  4. Well, I found a canister of Create Drayk in the wrecked labs, so I made one with my volcanic fetish on. Level 27, not too bad, and I still seem to be free of the crazy. The drayk's damage isn't great, but it was sort of useful against the random creations in the Monarch fight and it managed to survive. Schmutzli the Servile is lonely no more! And I think I left my sanity behind quite a while ago. It was kind of a hindrance on the intrawebs anyway.
  5. The wingbolt requires 2 levels of magic shaping, I think, which is difficult enough. I don't have anything that boosts magic shaping and I don't know whether I can spare the points to increase it.
  6. I've been lurking on these forums for quite ... some ... time and have finally emerged to ask a few things. I'm playing a melee/daze servile in Geneforge 4. I've scouted out Monarch's place but not yet killed him, and I recently went back to the barrier zone to kill Eliza and Shaftoe. I'm moderately pro-rebel (I've gotten Darnor's first reward but not his second, and Khur has offered to join me) but I have access to the Shaper camp in the fens as well. I've also been solo since Greenfang left (sob!) and I'd kind of like to have somebody else around, but I'm now level 31 and have only start
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