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  1. I remember a thread of a visual impaired guy mentioning how hard it is for him to read jeffs games and he kindly asked if something could be done about it. I'm gladly not visual impaired, but even I can't read the game comfortable while playing on the TV. The Font has two flavors: too small and yet small but a bit better to read. Why doesn't jeff leave the stoneage of bitmap fonts cut out of bitmap files? Really, it would be sooo easy to make the fonts scalable if he would invest some time into it! Btw, the reason why I'm playing on my PC connected to the TV is the fact, that Avadon 2 is eating up an entire CPU core and therefor my notebook is getting very loud after a while. This is also stoneage coding aka really shitty code. Sorry if I don't use kinder words, but this is mentioned months and years ago and jeff doesn't care. So it seems it needs louder words ...
  2. A long wait, but it's definitely worth the time gnawing on my nails. Are you going to release the game on gog.com too?
  3. And I'm very happy about the gog.com move. As this is the wrong place to talk about it I'm not writing all the points why gog.com is great and why it is greater than steam in my opinion. :-P However, I hope Jeff is sticking with gog as one way of distribution. I don't know the terms of agreements between devs and gog, but I guess it couldn't be worse than at other digital distribution channels. And looking at the promising screenies on the Avadon 2 page is kind of torture. ^^ Snare Turret? I allready love it. :-D
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