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  2. The best solution for you is to avoid playing this kind of games then, because they are liked by more people than they are disliked. Turn based games are like chess in the sense some battles are not meant to be Action based, but strategy based. They aren´t fast and if you don´t like calmed strategy you are out.
  3. Realism in videogames like this ones?, forget about it. There could be done some tweaks here and there but not much more. I thought enemies in Avadon had a lot of hp due that there were not many amounts of them in every battle, so just to make battles not so easy, they had more hp. If developers of rpgs were aiming for realisms there would be no warriors, they all would be fried by mages from a distance, etc. It´s just fantasy, not realism. Indeed, very rarely Fantasy settings makes sense outside videogaming, you will see how many movies, non animated, are just ridiculous when put on film, well, maybe it´s because they are low budgeted, but beyond Lord of the Rings movies.... and you see there little magic is used.
  4. have a nice day there
  5. This has happened to me in g4, g5, avadon, escape from the pit on a 2007 Pc with two cores. But not to the point of stopping playing, though it´s overtly annoying. Seems to be related with that last engine used. Maybe is not optimized enough codewise. I suppose then, it would happen in later avernums, in any game using the same engine.
  6. I have just met the surface world in Av 3 whoa!. Even if im there in this plato´s cave im right now, i felt the sun in the head of my adventurers. in this little small budgeted indie game more than i feel my own in this open world reality i live in. Wtf 35ºC here right now. Don´t judge so fast about that. You all know reality is not that easy to deal with to just feel things that way. Im on my way to exploring that surface world, fun, i found caches i found first in AEFTP. a dryad stomped on my head, i have to get her a woman´s thing, dumbfounded wth; i saw my first pears an apples; unicorns, are retarded horses evil that die one hit under this paradigm! i thought them light beings due to other fantasy settings, wtf?. Wathever. erika is still a *******
  7. It´s good you let this out of yourself. Most people live life looking to other side when it comes to facing illnesses. Personally, i think it´s all there for you to grow up spiritually. As the toughest thing we have to face is the irremediable loss of loved ones due to natural death. But, what we have to learn there is to let them go, it´s god´s destiny. Our refusal will be our pain. Easy to say, hard, very hard to endure and doing it. As Trinity said; facing things like this makes you wide awake of the fact on how fake it is the societies we live in, how widespread is the dehumanization of this human race, where all is about money, power, and sex. How little anything around you have to do with real life, the real fact of death, and the mortality of the human body. People seems to live as if they were to live forever, that´s the first mistake that makes so many people overt sociopaths who don´t care about anything, much less about trying to understand the meaning of illnesses, and death. Computer games are not silly things, they can be very useful on keeping your sanity when your surroundings are insane. Moreover, you come here and have people and friends who are willing to listen, due to those "silly games". To underestimate gaming is what most try to use against you as a shaming tactic: life is not what others make of it, it´s what you live even if you (and others) fiercely dislike it.
  8. you are the only one without telepathy there; yet, the only one capable to clean it´s mess.. but, seriously, we are making jokes about technology limitations. Or progammer lack of more expanded ideas...
  9. Geneforce. Because there is something beyond the shapers. Sholai as the example. Maybe similarly in Avadon, you make it an island and there is nothing beyond.... as it hasn´t been explored. In Avernum you kill evertything by just saying all surface belongs to the empire. the real planet of spiderweb is the one in wich all of those coexists as civilizations of the same planet. You know, a planet is just too [censored]ing big to make it property of one world empire, no matter how magical it is. Mystara, is a wonderful example of this; D&D, i love it.
  10. "magical scrying", and, or, sensing enemies´s energies, as they call it in game, could give them somewhat a point... not for those without extended magical powers, however. This makes me remember how ridiculous was the help of Rentar-Ihno at the end of Avernum 2. She´s supposely uber powered, as the useless Erika as well, though the only helps they bring are always ... well, you know already, stupid. "thanks for opening a door"....
  11. I did noticed that annoying pattern in all spiderwebs i have played, is like "yes we could have done it, but we spared you to do the dirty work". I never liked that dismissive way of treating the adventurers who did all the work the idiot quest givers could never do themselves, and even then replying to you as if it was not a big deal. The should be kissing our asses every step we took in all those games.
  12. Many people are new to spiderweb, think that i discovered it just in late 2011. To be sincere, i didn´t saw this was a so long dead thread when i posted.
  13. Warrior, Warrior, Mage, Priest Once advanced in game, they all are a mix of everything, their primary strengths being the initial choices in each one.
  14. in all games i played there is a book like icon in every dialogue you have with anyone., down-left of the dialogue pop up screen, push that book icon button to record the text in your journal. don´t know if that´s correct in Av 1 though.
  15. Aren´t those sticks used to activate some mechanism in vahnatai lands?. I remember picking a lot of them on the way to vahnatai lands through Formello.
  16. My my, you need to raise endurance in all characters. Extra hp always has a chance to save your life. Binge on knowledge brews (should be funny to imagine the situation, party partying on knowledge brews "hey man i know moerrrrr and moeeerr!!!").
  17. How useless those habilities could end up being later in game. Congrats!, you are healed for 7.
  18. Seriously, It all depends in what you love to be in game. If you don´t have any faith in melee to succeed it won´t for you. Turn based games give advantage to range attack users till you get at them with your tank, and shred them to pieces. Because the balance is usually made for your warriors to resist the initial distance separating them to go hand to hand combat. In early stages of those games it could seem different though.
  19. Ranged based?, not in my case. But if you are so entailed in your way of thinking.... go ahead man, keep venting
  20. My source for energetics are giant shamans, not a spot, but an area with random spawns on giant lands and near fort Dranlon. Mandrake: wizards sometimes drop one, and Erika´s tower has some of it. Those two are the more scarce, no regen spots, and i am near the end of the game. Now i have plenty of them as enemies drops the energetic-healing potions-elixirs so much needed earlier through potion making.
  21. In All spiderweb games i had played the best chars i had were the warriors. All Geneforge series, Avadon, Avernum EFTP, and Avernum 2 wich im playing right now, i use melee all the time, much more than spells or archery. A well trained melee warrior mixed with some healing skills, in all those games, does a well enough job.
  22. I like unbounds. We are here unbounds bounded to earth. Student of Trinity Would be an efficient charged fyora. Leveled up through long time.
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