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  1. how do i get to the slith castle? where do i get the boat for the lakes?
  2. i don't have one from before that quest, i over saved as i thought it was totally 'fixable' - big gate still intact, i can get pretty deep into that from the north, and it 'replenishes' some sliths but the evidence of the dead is there for sure..
  3. also, wouldn't 'that get reported to andros?' he still thinks im supposed to be with solberg and then back at the castle levitt says i need to be there killing ess-kalyn and no sign of her too. does it all just end the game when you miss something? thank you
  4. sure that is possible... but i can't get any more quests - so basically if that is the case, my game is done? if so, i get it, but i don't want to waste anymore time with it!
  5. I am playing Avernum 6 on the ipad and I've "lost solberg" and have gone over the whole of the occupied lands, n/s/e/w of formello/duvno etc. I started walking with Solberg after the quest then on the ipad I got off his path then i couldn't find him AT ALL. I can't get andros to speak to me he's so mad i went with solberg. Seriously frustrating..... help! thank you! Jones
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