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  1. I want to play some of the games I bought from this company. Avadon 1-3, AVernum 1-2 (remake) and Geneforge 3 as well. I have all these games in purchase from company. I would really like to play them. Can someone contact me and put me in touch with customer service. I already called the number and would like to play them thanks. Cheers,
  2. I can't find the mind nutrients in the spiral burrow. I am trying for the obeyer quest to keep him running. I looked all around the location after killing warp. Was I supposed to get the quest first?
  3. The older games difficulty was absurd. I completed some parts of Geneforge games but thats about it. All of the older games aren't worth the time of day as they just don't offer anything that the newer games don't do better. Avernum 5 has mini bosses every corner and its not only time-consuming but frustrating as well as you do marginal damage. In Avadon you can at least take down an enemy within moderate time but in Avernum the health levels are ridiculous. Geneforge is ok with that but offers multiple other problems. Your main character can be taken out in 1 round if all enemies target him or her. I think it comes down to would you rather play a game where 1 wrong move means a botched up battle. Or where you can get by with a few extra shots. I understand realism is important but you are playing games to have fun and masochism isn't fun. I can't believe Avadon is made by the same guy that did those 2 other games. They are just lame.
  4. Gotcha so Im going to take it that seeing as I know the game somewhat, doing 1 endquest will probably be the equivalent of finishing Avadon. Seeing as Im playing on normal and using a similar party from Avadon, I doubt that Hoth will be a problem.
  5. I want to know what to shoot for with regards to this play through. Instead of going with all 3 endings like last time, I'll focus on 1 or maybe 2 of the endings. Does anyone have a shortest time to finish the game for 1 ending with regards to hours? I guess that would mean killing SsThsss and either Escape or Demon Grah Hoth. Seeing as I actually know the game a bit, I hope I can do it with the same amount of time invested in Avadon when I replayed it.
  6. Sorry for double post. Adranos is the demon that comes at my character in one of the Avadon Dungeons. He talks about Adranos. That is the difficulty lvl I have. I like to fight enemies at his lvl in the game.
  7. I just like the fact that you can be very useful with ranged weapons in Avadon. I know that jeff said many changes I just don't want to lose some of the things that make the game fun. In Avernum you could still move from place to place when next to an enemy-but so could enemies as well. The movement is brutal for melee but its more fun to for ranged çharacters that way. I just don't want him to do something that changes why I like the game-which is that ranged weapons rock.
  8. I was just reading on a thread that jeff is planning to remove the dexterity exploit in Avadon. If he does this and dexterity is no longer useful, I won't have any Spiderweb games to play that Im good at. I can't play Avernum or Geneforge because they are too ridiculously hard. I hope that he sees this and still makes dexterity a decent exploit. I'm only asking because unless I missed my mark, the other games are not going to change any day soon. I can't stand the Geneforge and Avernum games. They start out all fun in the beginning and get more and more frustratingly aggravating as you go along until eventually they are like working a job. The games serve the purpose well. The purpose is to make a game able to be beaten by turn based experts and anyone that doesn't know exactly what to do in every exact spot is finished. Avadon was different because I was actually good at the tactics and the story was still sweet. I hope that dexterity is mildly useful because its the only exploit there is.
  9. Were the stats I listed for the fighters subpar or should I just focus on strength, endurance, defense and assassination. I usually focus on dexterity, melee, assassination, some endurance and start the game with 5 strength. I don't usually use strength for damage as much as melee or weapon skills increase to hit and damage. I give one fighter more dexterity and endurance and make him a tank that moves fast, while the other I give more melee weapon skill.
  10. Do stats that I use help with surviving? I want to make sure I have everything for how my character is being builded. The first fighter has decent strength of 5, excellent dexterity and some endurance. His favorite skills that he builds up are dexterity, hardiness, melee weapons and assassination. He sometimes places a point in endurance. This character is my damage dealer from high melee and assassination and can still take some hits. The second fighter is similar but different he places points in dexterity, defense, hardiness and melee weapons. He also has good endurance and somewhat good strength. He is good at acting first and taking the attention on him with hardiness and defense. The priest and mage are ok in stats as they deal lethal damage and still have some health. Im not too worried about them. Im only asking as I want to know what types of fighter builds there are that work. Hopefully mine do.
  11. My whole party is around lvl 7 or 8ish. I am fighting against undead and they are tough. You are saying that those attacks are based on my level?
  12. Im getting completely shutdown in Avernum 1. It seems that some monsters in game have multiple attacks and can daze-shutdown my party members with 3-4 attacks per round. My fighters can't get in close to shut them down. I have a party of 2 fighters (1 fast and 1 tank), 1 priest and 1 mage. Should I be doing anything that I am not? This seems to be the case with all my encounters with enemies with multiple attacks. The undead are particularly ruthless.
  13. Well it was worth a shot asking anyway. Yet another reason why the remake blows all the other games out of the water. The choices you can make are almost endless.
  14. What if I take Elite warrior that gives parry and blade master? In a set of levels I'll have parry and blade master and by level 16 a decent return. Will I still need to get defense. I read on someone's thread which I don't remember that you can just forget about all the finesse/evasion in avernum and go all out with strength, endurance, hardiness, some quick action and skill with weapons. That doesn't work on these games or did I read the wrong thread? It's annoying that I'm getting all the Avernum's mixed up
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