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  1. Rotdhizons are amazing. They can keep most of the damage off you and they can deal more damage than tralls over time with the acid attack. When I play as a solo character, these are the only creations I ever consider making because it just makes it so much easier.
  2. New task: Find a way to change the script to increase the power of pyroroamers so they deal like 1000 damage when absorbed... *evil laughter*
  3. Edible cotton candy gazers with chewy taffy eyes!
  4. Haste would be incredibly overpowered in G5. Theres already crazy stuff like essence blades and the enhanced kill spell that can hit over 700 damage. Kill in other games could hit 350-400 damage at most. Plus you have way more hitpoints in G5.
  5. Something beyond insanity... Fyoras made of marshmallows?
  6. I was talking about Geneforge 5 modding only.
  7. It would take an awful lot of pyroroamers to kill someone like Taygen...
  8. You can put this anywhere by editing the zone number and finding a different signpost or other interactable object.
  9. I've looked over these forums many times but I havent found much of a community for modding geneforge 5. I've seen various script editors but I don't think people realise how far you can take it. I started with Ganduv's script editor and then I had a look in g5itemschars myself and was able to edit loads of things really quickly. It was really very simple. I could change the stats of my creations, change their names, change what they looked like (make one creation look like another)and change their attack animations. I took it even further when I discovered g5objsmisc. I started changing abi
  10. You can change it by finding 'essence orbs' in the g5objsmisc file and changing the information for essence orbs with shocking rain. I have done this myself. Make sure to include all semicolons.
  11. I've been modding this quite a bit, I managed to fix the editor and sort out my own items and stuff. But I think a major oversight is that the editor cannot be used as an anvil. Is there any way to make the editor usable as such? I've been looking over the places that do have anvils and I cant find a common code to use.
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