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  1. So what exactly does the creation madness mod do? If its just a creation change, I don't want to delete my already extensive creation edits. If it makes all creations go crazy or something, it might be worth checking out.
  2. I've only really played Geneforge. I've played four of the five games (all but G3) and I've tried Avernum but havent really gotten into it.
  3. For me: My favourite character: Shaper Connasson from Lethia Pass. My least favourite character: I'm tempted to say Rawal or Taygen... but thats too obvious so I'm going to go with Denna. My favourite creation: Rotdhizon by far. My least favourite creation: Vlish. God I hate them. Don't like kyshakks much either. My favourite spell: Essence Blades. My least favourite spell: Essence Lances cause it keeps killing me! And charm. My favourite sect: Alwan. My least favourite sect: Taygen. How I enjoy killing him. My favourite area: Thistlewood. Nothing better than killing a hundred bandits. My least favourite area: Kratoa Stoneworks. I hate the puzzle with the energy pylons.
  4. Same here. I quite like Geneforge 2 too but that's only cause I can join every sect and get really really powerful. I think Geneforge 5 has the best storyline and general gameplay.
  5. Why not? Once you've played through the games enough times, it's pretty much the only way to stave off boredom if you still want to play the game occasionally. And modding can be taken a lot further, like the examples I gave in my first post
  6. Bored people like us had better post more to make up for that then! But yeah I'll check timestamps next time.
  7. It isn't difficult. Its just common sense. I started with editing Ganduv's script editor, I read how he did it and I started trying to do bits of it myself. You can easily find what a line of code does and then if you copy and paste it to another creation, it only makes logical sense that the creation will do the same thing. Its just about not forgetting the semi-colons and finding patterns. I like it cause it's kind of like putting a puzzle together.
  8. Yep, they seem to always kill Captain Addison before I can take him to Reinart. Saves me doing it myself. And congrats!
  9. Hmn it was on the first page 0.0.
  10. Nah made him a borer bug from Hatra Ruins. Brown, boring and weak.
  11. I still haven't been able to find how to make creations stable... Shock tralls will I never have you? D:. And I don't want to edit war tralls because I don't want to constantly be stunned in the late game. That could be a very nice edit to the Charged Vlish too.
  12. Gorash-kel is pretty easy. Invest in some stun resistance, head there, blast them with slow damaging attacks (searer, burning spray and lightning aura) from a distance where they cant use their aura attacks (especially the one that curse, weakens and slows you) and wait. Using this method, I can do gorash-kel pretty early in the game.
  13. Well I first did the games legitimately and completed G5 like 3x over then got bored and starting messing with the script. And they're great but not perfect. One great improvement to the games which I've implemented: Rawal's an insect in personality so I thought I'd make him one in appearance too. See, already better!
  14. Then why don't I just lower the essence and energy cost of the existing spell instead of tying up essence and turn time in a creation that will constantly cast the same spell? Seems a bit of a waste of time. You could make the ornk fire unbound death rays and other stuff but then it wouldn't really be an oozebeast. Unless you just want the graphics of an oozebeast which is really easy to do.
  15. Sorry for the necromancy but has anyone tried this and does it work?
  16. ^ Then you can't. I didn't really like oozebeasts though. That acid shower attack is pretty much useless because it's identical to the magic attack.
  17. Trenton I think that I know the sword you're talking about. Ganduv's unbound reaver? I fixed that. I can't exactly remember how I did it but I had the same problem so I messed with the sword a bit and fixed it. I renamed the sword and augmented some of the stats (made it a stunblade for example) but it works perfectly now. I also made it a nice red colour! Here are the lines if you want to use my edit: it_name = "Unholy Warfare"; it_graphic_coloradj = 272; it_level = 300; it_value = 5000; it_ability = 91; it_stats_to_affect 0 = 4; it_stats_addition 0 = 20; it_stats_to_affect 1 = 0; it_stats_addition 1 = 20; it_stats_to_affect 2 = 12; it_stats_addition 2 = 20; it_pet_stats_to_affect 0 = 0; it_pet_stats_addition 0 = 50;
  18. Find the ornk script (ctrl+f) in gf5itemschars then find whatever you want to make the ornk use as an attack. For example to give an ornk submission thorns and a basic melee attack attack, you use these four lines: cr_abil_num 0 = 1; (this is the bite attack) cr_abil_level 0 = 20; (this refers to how powerful the bite attack is. The higher the number, the higher the damage) cr_abil_num 1 = 56; cr_abil_level 1 = 20; REMEMBER THE SEMICOLONS. You'll also want to give the ornk the ability to run at the same rate as other creatures. To do this, just delete the line that says cr_walk_speed = 18;. It will reset the amount to the default automatically/
  19. You can get a very nice charm from there if you can survive it though. And you want to be looking in drakon lands for that amulet.
  20. I find changing ornks is the best thing to do since theres only one part of the game in which ornks are aggressive (and you can just avoid them)and you can eventually summon your own ornks. For example, I gave my ornks submission turret stun attacks and an acidic melee attack and they were better than any other creation.
  21. I've played and modded the games for ages, just never bothered joining these forums.
  22. G5 is a lot easier than the others. G1 was probably the hardest of the series.
  23. Yes just copy and paste parts of it, make sure you leave semicolons in. The parts you want to change are: The name, the ability type, the damage, the effect and the number of missiles. This is what to paste in: ab_name = "Essence Orbs"; ab_missile_type_fired = 5; ab_ability_sound = 129; ab_damage_type = 1; ab_num_of_missiles = 5; Leave the rest as is.
  24. Update: Well I cant seem to make the effect itself more powerful but I did trade it out for an exploding kyshakk's effect... so it can deal like 300 damage when absorbed now.
  25. I don't find it that hard. I use battle aura with some corrupted thahds and do fine. I make sure to get the thahds on the submission turrets as soon as they spawn and it works well. EDIT: works well on torment.
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