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  1. Yeah, I really liked the ability to reverse/halt the passage of time in the old Avernum 3 editor; playing on Torment is hard enough without the added challenge of trying to balance other quests and experience gain with beating the degradation timers. Artificially disabling it makes it more like playing Avernum 1 & 2, I guess? Anyway, I'm still trying to locate the step counter pointer(s) thingy using Cheat Engine, but I'm not great at that sort of thing.
  2. I can't tell you how many times I played the Exile 2 demo, doing the waterfall trip every now and again. EFTP was great, but the Avernum 2 remake is really what I was looking forward to.
  3. Definitely looking forward to Avernum 2, it was my favorite. I played the demo of Exile 2 several times through as a kid.
  4. My OCD self used my fourth character slot specifically for picking up junk, deleting the character when he got full, and remaking him for the next trash run. Hilarious. Had to deal when I played torment though cause I wanted to do actually useful things with guy #4. Also when I played... I think it was Avernum 5, I had a rock collection of every single rock in the game, as far as I know.
  5. Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba Dikiyoba also loots everything in an area. Yes, even the trash. In A2, it got dumped outside, gone forever. In the Geneforges, it got dumped in a specific zone. In A5, it just got dumped wherever the party happened to be when their inventory was full. In A4, I kept a character slot empty so I could create/delete a character to dispose of trash items, among other things. In A4, I also collected every stick and rock in the game (I think), the former in several large piles around the game, the latter in one stack. I ended up with 900-something rocks. Don't ask.
  6. Ending the battle and moving a bit seems to make thawing happen quicker, if you wanna try that.
  7. Have you been to Bargha yet? You'll need to go through there to eventually reach both those areas.
  8. Quote: The only thing I don't really like about the new graphics is the lack of variety in the Nephilim and Slitherzakai characters.[/QB] I fixed this (and my human guy too) by taking the inventory character pics from Av. 2, lowering the palette size to 256 colors (they won't work otherwise), and copying them over the Av. 4 pics. There's still only so many mini-pic things, but at least it isn't as limited. Make sure to match it up so your mage guy doesn't look like the archer chick, or something. Make back-ups just in case. And me, I never got into Geneforge, and it's been so long since I've
  9. I tried doing a solo thing, but it sure didn't work out well, so I tried it with two. I then figured I'd need a 3rd guy to carry all my stuff. I ended up with (all custom, and no extra traits, BTW): a figher/priest slith, an archer/melee weapon figher/weak spellcaster nephil (with lockpicking-ness), and a priest/mage human (with high strength). It's going pretty well so far. I make a new character, load 'im with cave/arcane lore, and delete him afterwards whenever I need more of those stats, which is kinda cheaty, but saves me points nonetheless.
  10. Me, I ususally have less than four characters anyway, so I make a new throw-away character and have him stand quite a distance away. When the rest of my party have done what they need to do and have died, I heal up and delete the newly made guy. Though that's even more cheap than the previously mentioned tactic.
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