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  1. You guys are scaring me, I too feel like i've invested so many man hours in The Dark Tower that I should just finish it, now i'm not so sure. Also on the fantasy front, Gene Wolf wrote another whole series (8 books maybe) called The Book of The Long Sun which Is tangentially related to the New Sun series I think...I got most of the way through the first novel, it seemed good but slow. It's on my future to read list to go deeper into the series.
  2. Ha, funnily enough I too finished up the whole New Sun series, for the second time. They are still really fantastic but there were some glaring things that I didn't notice last time I read them..which would have been roughly 20 years ago. Namely, the main character/narrator Severian seems compelled to have sex with every woman involved in the plot. I guess this just made sense to me when I was 16:). Probably I hoped my own future would hold just this kind of luck. Now i'm reading Book 5 of The Dark Tower series by Stephen King - hey..some of his books are actually pretty good, thoug
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