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  1. A very nice and useful list. I noticed that "Mound" and "Hole" graphics are in use already, they are Supply Cache and Found Supply Cache.
  2. Realism or not, I also miss the Awakened faction and "not joining" possibility. I usually don't want to play on the evil side.
  3. Quote: Originally written by Skippy the bush kangaroo: Quote: Originally written by andrew miller: What stat should I raise so that Greta can cause more damage with her fire attack? Money. So neither intelligence nor strength affects that?
  4. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but you can't exit a town if the border is at the town edge or 1 space from the edge. If there's a border that's not too close to the edge in that town, you can exit through that side of the town. (This is Mac version 1.1.2.)
  5. OK. Too bad I won't be a Barzite. thanks anyway.
  6. Is there a merchant who collects research notes?
  7. * The Adventurer's Club 1, 2 and 3 are a series (surprise...) * All Alcritas' scenarios related (more or less) except for Kalloskagathos There must be more but I don't remember them right now.
  8. http://users.utu.fi/~cmkant/dialogUpd.gif There's one Nephil dialogue pic among those. A young Nephil, also without an attack picture: http://users.utu.fi/~cmkant/nephslith.gif
  9. The Blades demo should give you some idea of what the spells, user interface etc. are like. Blades of Exile and Blades of Avernum are different. There may be a wider selection of commands available in the Blades of Avernum editor but the scenario designers have made more inventions with the BoE editor over the years. (Although some of those tricks, like cutscenes, are more easily done with BoA language.) Because scripting language is more difficult than BoE editor, there may not be as many BoA scenarios in the next five years as there are BoE scenarios now. Blades of Avernum has also its own limitations. If I'm correct, the town limit is still 100? It's possible to make about 170 town scenarios with Blades of Exile. (I think The Adventurer's Club 3 uses the maximum number of towns.) (EDIT: OK, so that wasn't one of the worse features then ) So, my advice would be the same as SkeleTony's, if you can get used to BoE's differencies.
  10. One possibility is that the editor has just messed up the town. It happens from time to time. I haven't seen an explanation of what causes it. It happened once to a town that I had finished when I was designing The Leaving. I make backups about once a week nowadays.
  11. I'll continue to play BoE as long as there are any decent new scenarios... But also BoA. Why do I play BoE? I still don't like BoA's graphics as much, and some other things related to the Avernum engine. For me, Neverwinter Nights would cost over twice as much as BoA did. Then there are the expansions and modules. (I once ordered a Baldur's Gate expansion from MacPlay for 50 dollars - even the shipping cost more than Spiderweb's - and I never even got the game. From Spiderweb I have got every game I ordered, this also affects my opinions... Also, my computer is 3 years old and Neverwinter Nights would probably be very slow on it.)
  12. Milu\'s Blades of Exile Page is updated again! There are some snow graphics there. (Though I have to say, Wyrmfire's and Drk Draxis' snow terrains are very nice...) Edit: Oops, I read the post too quickly. In addition to Old MacDonald's Farm, at least Ashen has some snow graphics.
  13. Strange. I downloaded it from Alexandria and unstuffed the .meg.sit (or something) file and it works perfectly...
  14. In my version of BoE and editor, abilities like Giant Strengh, Intelligence, Strength and Dexterity don't seem to work. EDIT: Darn, it _does_ affect the damage rate and bonus to hit after all. You're right, it's hard to test them. Except: intelligence should affect the damage that the Wound spell does, which the ability doesn't seem to do in my version.
  15. I just tested it and for me one day is 3700 moves indoors, 370 outdoors. Quote: Outdoors, I think each move counts as 5 or 10 or something...much more than indoors anyway. One move indoors is 10 moves outdoors.
  16. Quote: I have school, and my weekends are packed. Does anyone have any advice for that?[/QB] If you have only little time, then making the scenario small and stand-alone could be a very good idea. You have to choose your hobbies... I can't think of anything else.
  17. Quote: Originally written by Wham Bam Shizam: And also I am wondering if I should even make one because it seems BoE is dying. If you look at scenario designers' previous comments over the years, BoE has been dying many years now... And still, new scenarios continue to come steadily (good ones, too) and new people start playing the game. Usually, it's good to start with small scenarios. You get an idea what the designing is like and get feedback (...which MAY kill you but then again it may not, especially if you've had the scenario tested...)
  18. I was a lurker for a long time back when there was the BoE mailing list. I've even saved some of those emails and now it's nostalgic to read them . However, I didn't join the boards until... ... 2002, apparently.
  19. I've usually come up with the story first. I sometimes write down story ideas and detail/special node ideas. Example: The Leaving At first, I wanted to make an adventure (or story) from a different point of view, being annoyed that same kinds of plots were being repeated too often... I looked at my story idea list and decided to pick an idea that involved refugees threatened by monsters in Exile. I had tried to make a scenario out of that one before but hadn't succeeded to make it interesting. I began to develop the story. What would the threat be? Or the solution? Why? After the main plot, I started thinking about obstacles I would add along the way. (Turns out I didn't make very good obstacles - for many players on the Lyceum boards, they are too difficult/involve too much head-banging, are too clicheed diversions and/or simply boring. Fortunately, some have actually liked them...) Planning and designing the obstacles took a long time. When I had begun that, I also started making the scenario itself and planned rest of the plot twists or obstacles while I was designing. 100 plot ideas for D&D: why not, because who can be completely original anyway...? It's possible to develop an interesting new idea from a used one.
  20. Quote: Originally written by Bard of the Soul: I plan on pushing as many limits as I can with it, but while it is in the works, what kinds of plot work do you think? One overriding plot or just a group of smaller quests that can be performed or ignored at the player's whim? Or both? There should be a good reason, explained to the player in the beginning, why the party would want to go to the dungeon. Mere "treasure hunting" tends to get boring, or doing just errands without a clue what to expect. Some kind of a threat, for example, works fine - it could be revealed at the beginning or at some point as a surprise. EDIT: Still, a story is important and in my opinion should come first and not be an excuse for details and tricks. Playing good and bad scenarios, of course, should give you some idea of what works and what doesn't.
  21. More dungeon crawls, please! Some people still play Angband. A pity that the existing dungeon crawl scenarios tend to be plotless and/or monty haul or otherwise below average. I've sometimes considered making a dungeon crawl myself.
  22. There. I have updated my site. It has graphics, too. (As before). Milu\'s Blades of Exile Page
  23. I agree with TGM, voted Luz. - Milu
  24. Hi I don't remember about the fake wall but generally, fireball and shockstorm/forcefield helps in combat, as does Bless Party and Major Haste. Getting these helps a lot. Later on, the cash won't be a problem. Especially the troglodytes and giants have a lot of it. But you have to register to get to them. And sometimes the target towns in courier jobs are closer.
  25. In Small Rebellion, the Hill Runners are indeed depicted as Bad. So is the Empire. In fact, I disliked Small Rebellion the most of the three BoE scenarios, because I felt _it_ had a moral lesson - a cynical one: you can't change anything for the better, no matter what you try. Moreover, I've seen that moral so many times, it's become boring. (I would also think that the moral and story in VoDT are not perfect but this didn't bother me as much. EDIT: ...Though I agree with Drakefyre and Vent in that the pollution wasn't the Bad thing. It was more that some things were left irritably unexplained... EDIT2: To clarify a bit: What irritated me slightly was that this "evil mage-woman" theme repeated itself again in yet another J. Vogel's game. Why was Vinnia evil?)
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