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  1. I don't know what to do to finish this quest. I have killed the brigand-leader but haven't been able to discover how the brigands were slipping past fort Saffron. There is a book in the keep that you are supposed to be able to make readable which probably is the key to finishing the quest but I don't know how I can make it readable. Hints anyone?
  2. Level 21 may be a tad to low for Drath. My characters were at level 24 when I beat him and that fight was just at the limit for what my characters could handle. There is a secret room right before Drath which has two fountains providing both regeneration and invulnerability for several rounds, very helpful. At the beginning of the fight you should first clear the room of all of Drath's minions and then let your melee character pommel Drath while the other characters should spread themselves across the room to minimize damage. Also buff yourself up as much as you can and to don't hesitate to us
  3. Does anyone know which variable(s) one should change in order to fix the incorrect animation for throwing javelins? I've tried to edit the remix scripts myself in the meantime waiting for version 1.2 and it seems I've been able to fix most of the incorrect variables. I have no idea how to fix that darn javelin-animation though so if someone could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate that.
  4. There is one thing in the remix that confuses me. The tooltip for Cloak of Curses says that it's at level 5 just after having started a new game and when my party have reached level 7 Cloak of Curses is displayed as level 12. Isn't it's max-level supposed to be just 3? I'm not really sure if this is a bug or if it actually is a conscious change in the remix. Anyway, I have only tried the remix very briefly but I must say that I think it looks really cool, especially the changes that have been made to spells and battle-disciplines and I'm really looking forward to version 1.2.
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