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  1. Could be this known bug, which had been fixed in 1.2: bug a-4) "Both ranged battle disciplines did not take levels of damage from an equipped weapon. Whoops. Now Flawless Shot should actually do the full 3.5 damage per level."
  2. I think the idea of 2 is that Avernum rebels succeed in getting the attention of the empire, and assassinate (perhaps with your help in the first game) Emperor Hawthorn. So the empire decides to send down huge armies and crush avernum like a bug. The second game is about surviving that invasion. The third game, I think was about avernites finally returning to the surface after a long period of no contact - what they find there and what has happened on the surface in their absence. That's my understanding of the gist of it. I remember in E3 or A3 (or whatever I h
  3. It's worse if he's charmed and kills the priest. =P
  4. Beating this game without any magic would be...like adding extra torment sauce to your torment burger with french-fries of torment on the side. =P
  5. Escalation of resistances and armor ratings as level increases is just another part of progression. It means that fights get longer at higher levels, since both HP and armor/resist are increasing on the defensive side, but damage increase is roughly linear (unless you get lots of +% damage effects along with your increasing number of base damage dice...those effects seemed pretty rare though).
  6. Originally Posted By: Randomizer Slarty has said that he probably won't fix the remix since he doesn't remember what he needs to do to modify the game to make the needed changes. "doesn't remember"? Say it isn't so! I even made a list and everything just like one page ago. What about the fixes already discussed since the original 1.1 posting? Are items a-1 through a-7 as well as b-1, b-2, and b-4 already fixed in the version currently available for download? It seemed like the work on those was already done, and I'd been waiting to try the remix mainly because of them.
  7. What does character level contribute to your hit chance? I think the primary stat is 5% per level, so it basically dwarfs the contribution of your skills at 1-2% per level.
  8. I remember there being a point for me around lvl 12 or so (on Hard) where I was strong enough to handle the sliths on the bottom floor of all the slith dungeons except their castle and strong enough to get to the center of the Mertis Spiral, but was not strong enough to beat the final groups/bosses in any of those places. In retrospect I should have gone and done the run-around and fetch type non-combat quests in the great cave at that point. Instead I ground out another two levels killing respawns and wandering groups of sliths (not casters though, cause they could still stomp me if th
  9. The function of magical efficiency is similar to that of first aid, which restore spell energy after each engagement. I wonder which is more effective. I have a few points in magical efficiency on my priest, but I'm never sure how much difference it's actually making. No idea how often or by how much my SP usage is actually being reduced.
  10. Hey, about that portals thing... can someone explain how to learn how to use them in exquisite detail? Cause I'm lvl31, have gotten rid of the Hakki Lord upstairs, and am well on my way to finishing the game, but never found anything like that in the Tower of Magi. Edit: I've even tried looking this up elsewhere, but I just find places that say "Go to the Tower, that's where you learn it."
  11. So I have this fighter in my party, who is first in the turn order of the party. The rest of the party recently presented him with an award for "Most Likely to be Charmed by anything from a Brain-Rat to a Cryo-Drake and then brutally decapitate your nearest friend in a single blow". Since my whole party often moves before the enemy and my fighter is first in the party's turn order...no one's turn comes up to unshackle his mind before his turn...and he has a 95% chance to one-hit-kill anyone else in the party from full HP. This is probably the cause of about 75% of deaths in my part
  12. Perhaps releasing the current crop of fixes as either 1.2 or 1.15 would be a good path. (Or are these bug fixes included in the currently available DL of 1.1?) What significant work is still planned for 1.2 that is not yet done? b-2: Design a solution for proper use of a new spell concept (a melee-ranged, aggressive spell that is also a summon). Potentially a significant job. Investigate b-5 and b-6: Possible animation/sound bugs. Anyone can move this task forward by doing some testing and reporting specific results - 1.) are either of these issues reproducible? 2.) If
  13. Yeah, there's still some kinks to iron out in the UI. For me the most annoying is often not being able to easily click on the square I want if the surrounding area is crowded with enemies. There's a lot of little improvements I hope they make for the next game (and maybe release in a patch of this game as well?) that can take it from good to great. They've already come a long way though, with all the UI improvements and streamlining of game play starting with Avadon and continuing in A:EftP.
  14. Any news on the remix front? Any way the rest of us can help? Here is a list of changes/bugs that I believe are slated for 1.2 based on review if the thread so far: Fixes confirmed by House of S: a-1) Changed all short bows to use long bow ability, too. Now all bows have the chance of bonus damage so bows don't suck early. a-2) Fixed Warmth Ring and other rings. Whoops. It does give melee damage in addition to the resistance. Just not 15%. 2%. :-P a-3) Lightning scrolls already fixed, all radiate abilities were fixed. a-4) Both ranged battle disciplines did not take levels
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