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  1. Speaking of the beta. It looks like the update just rolled out for everyone else. For some odd reason it takes over 5 minutes for the game to start up, but once Steam gets moving it does work again. Onwards to Silvar!
  2. I'm pretty sure the problem is Steam. At least for people like me who updated Steam yesterday and suddenly couldn't play. The people using 7, 64-bit etc maybe have a different problem.
  3. The demo of Avernum 4 puts them in a folder called "Avernum 4" in your documents folder. Avadon, Avernum 5-6 and the Steam release of Avernum 4 put their savegames in the /Spiderweb Software/Avadon etc folder, also in your documents. Just transfer it over manually.
  4. I'm not overly concerned. In terms of issues this is smalltime compared to some other games I could mention that I bought day 1 on Steam. Magicka anyone? Given that a simple EXE switch doesn't provoke an error, and the difference between the demo and Steam exe is .01mb of data. This probably just a slight bug in the coding that points in the wrong direction.
  5. Hello, Steam user here. A couple minutes ago steam asked me to restart the client because of a new update they are putting out. I did so. And now Avernum 4 will no longer start or play. I verified the cache and it found 27 files needed to be redownloaded, but this didn't fix the problem. I seem to have the same crash error as everyone else. Faulting application avernum 4.exe, version, faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0x00000000. I'm running Windows XP and the demo version of Avernum 4 I also have installed runs just fine. I copied the demo EXE over
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