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  1. OMG I overlooked that one. After 60 hours of gameplay and I still commit baby-mistakes lol thx.
  2. yep I've d-checked that Took the quest on kyass it's on my quest book the mage is lethem i've tried all conversation options http://homepages.uni-regensburg.de/~mim09509/Avernum/AvernumEscPit/Towns/Kyass.html
  3. Hello to all. I took the quest to recruit the mage, but no matter what I do, when I talk to him, I don't get any conversation option to convince him (yes I know it's the one downstairs ) Is there a bug ? is this a game breaker ? there are stuff to train and I don't get access until I help them thanks in advance
  4. There is a steam client update, problem solved ! (not beta , release! ) juhuuuu!
  5. There is a steam client update, problem solved ! juhuuuu!
  6. Originally Posted By: Erik It's definitely related to the steam update. I have two machines with steam, I ran the update on my primary (Win7/64-bit) machine and Avernum 4 stopped working. I then copied the steam install from my secondary machine (everything except the steamapps folder which contains the games themselves) and Avernum 4 works again. Avernum 4 works with steam client: Built: April 18 2012, at 10:17:32 Steam API: v012 Steam package versions: 1868 / 1868 Avernum 4 does not work with steam client: Built: May 15 2012, at 10:21:05 Steam API: v012 Steam package versions:
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