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  1. The thing that I feel the avernum games could improve is the possibility for the player to have a more active participation in changing the persistent world. This idea of mine was already discussed in this link: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/17458-changing-the-persistent-world-possible-suggestion/ The basic idea here would be for the player to get quests to bring materials (stone, planks, hammers, cloth, plates, etc.) to help a town to rebuild a wall/tower/gate or to help a NPC to set up some king of shop, or a tavern or other establishment that the player could then go to and buy and sell stuff. Just little quests here and there that you make the player fill that he/she is actually helping to change the game map. Another example is a quest to bring construction tools to help to dig a tunnel between to caves in avernum. After completing that quest the tunnel would be available for the player to travel throught it and even appear of the mini map. You get the idea. Although I don't know if any of this will actually make it into the game since Jeff might have the development already in a very advanced state.
  2. In that case we can start whining because of the windows version getting released at the same time of the mac one. :D :D Just kidding. Anyway, great news! I'm really curious about that fifth class. By the look of the character rooster on screenshots it appears there are some new avatars and/or more polished ones. Lucky me there are some cool games coming out in March to make it less torturing to wait for Avadon 2. And yes, bring it to Steam, pretty please.
  3. Originally Posted By: dave s Well, A3 has something like this, though generally only in the destructive direction. I see what you mean. After the attack on Fort Remote I went there to check things out. Man, that place is a big mess.
  4. Oh! So that's what "pierce the goblins" means! Thanks. I've read the sign but just figured that it was some sort of riddle and that I would have to choose left or right. Although when I talked to the goblins I didn't make sense to go either way. Now I know why.
  5. I've already collected the 6 pieces of mold for erika to show up at the house near her tower. Then I went to the tower, activated the pylon a entered through the main entrance. I'm stuck at the 2 goblins and don't know what to do next. I've tried going both ways and on both I fought the golems and clicked the switches but nothing happened. What am I supposed to do in there?
  6. Originally Posted By: Lilith If it honestly took you half an hour just to get him down to half HP, you really should just go and gain a few more levels I've already decided to do that. Perhaps even waiting for my priest to get the Divine Retribution spell (instead of rellying on Smite to do damage) and getting Addrenaline Rush for my spellcasters (better to cast three spells than just one before he has the chance to regen, or better yet, waiting for an opening on his buffing spells so that AR gets him with his shields down). Originally Posted By: Lilith but there is a way to make the fight easier on yourself. Look for a secret passage leading around the north side of his room. Not only does it let you get straight to Drath while avoiding most of his minions, but there's a basin in there that gives you temporary invulnerability. I did found a passage north of the gate that leads to the room but I guess I didn't follow it all the way to its end since I entered the room through a switch that opens a wall in the northwest corner of the room (which means I didn't found the basin and I still had to clean his minions before getting at him). I'll try that passage the next time, thanks.
  7. Yesterday I tried to go to the crypt of Drath to get another part of Demonslayer. The crypt itself was easy to clean. But the battle with Drath himself got really tough (after half an hour I got him to half his HP but had to quit the game). I suspect that I'm trying to do it to early since my party is just level 21 or 22 at the moment. But tactically speaking, the shape of the room (with the stairs and magical barriers) and the fact that he seems not to let you have many chances to get him without his buffs active (spine shield, regeneration, battle frenzy, etc.) is an indication that this battle won't be made a lot easier just by getting more levels. So I would like to know your experiences with this. What strategies did you use to beat him? Do you dispel the barriers so your fighters can go melee on him while spellcasters attack from a "safe" distance? Or you keep everyone at a distance with fighters using wands and scrolls to do damage?
  8. Originally Posted By: Kreador The one thing I'd have liked to be able to do is help that woman in Fort Avernum to get to her sister. Yeah me too. At first I thought that I needed to get a certain level of reputation for that quest to come up but then I realised that, no matter how high my reputation got, that wouldn't happen. Perhaps in Avernum 2 they'll be united.
  9. This is something that I feel is missing in AEftP and it could be a possible suggestion for future games and remakes. In Blosk you have some stairs down where you arrive at a underground room with one of those teleporting pylons under construction (it's in Blosk, right?). It would be realy cool if there was a foreman near the pylon that would give you quests for you to help him finish the pylon (by getting him hammers, bricks, etc.) and after completing his quests he would finish construction and the pylon would become usable. My point here is that the persistent world that Jeff usually implements in his games could suffer minor changes here and there based on some quests. The player would complete the quest and that would trigger a change in the map like a working pylon, a rebuilt wall or the creation of a shipwright in a coastal city (probably without any boats since there wasn't enough time for one to be built). That would increase the "I'm part of the building and shaping of Avernum in it's early years" feeling that AEftP gives to the player. It would make the player feel even more linked to the story. I don't know if any of you feels the same, but there are some things in AEftP that feel a little bit akward to me, like: there's no one near the pylon in blosk, so how is the pylon actually going to be finished? fort dranlon keeps getting attacked by the sliths and they use magical barriers to replace lost walls util they can rebuild (according to the story telling). Since I've already dealt with the swamp city and slith fortress and freed the human slaves in the slith villages around fort dranlon they should've had time to rebuild their walls instead of continuing to have the fort all patched up with magical barriers; The same in fort emerald. After the player sucessfully cleans the sliht fort to the nort of it, all those barriers patching up fort emerald's walls should be replaced by normal walls. Perhaps the rebuilding of walls would require the player to spend a certain amount of time travelling in the outdoors after completing the quests. These are just some ideas I write here in case Jeff finds them interesting.
  10. Hi everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. Since Spiderweb's games usually have a persistent world I'll leave my sanity at the door with total confidence that I'll find it in the same place where I left it. I've been playing Spiderweb Software's games since A4 (and loving every little bit of it). Since there are quests that require the player to collect wine, iron bars, ale and other stuff, I would like to know if there's any quest about getting cloth. I'm currently carrying over 25 pieces of cloth that I probably could have sold already. Can I safely sell them?
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