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  1. Disturbed? How? Anyway, you think TM'll put it on his archive?
  2. *The screen pans in to the boardroom seen on TV. On one side sit Donald Trump and his two cronies, on the other, a Dragon in a ridiculous suit and two sliths in one group, Jenneke and two nephils in the other* Trump:So, we've narrowed it down to six. Jenneke, your team won last week because you mxed scribbane into the New Cotra ale. Thissa, you lost because you ate the hydra you had on your team. *Thissa can be seen here chewing on a haunch of a large reptile.* Trump: This week, you'll be selling weapons to customers in Gale. Good Luck! *The screen cuts to two booths with weapons, and a bunch of zombie-like citizens wandering about aimlessly.* Thissa: Weaponssss! Gets ssspearsss to defend yourselves from the golemssss!!! *Nothing seems to be happening, and then Jenneke starts to shout* Jenneke: Get free scribbane with every purchase!! Hurry, we only have so much! *The crowd is seen rushing towards the booth, and buy all of the weapons, just as the time ends* Trump: So Jenneke, again you use scribbane, and again you win. Thissa, your team failed, and it's all your fault. Thissa: Whatss? How, ssstupid human? Trump: You didn't take the hint and start selling scribbane. Now Ssschah, you can leave and go to the suite. You two, I'll see you in a second. *Thissa and the dragon go out to the lobby. Trumps secretary tells then to go back in, and the dragon eats her.* Trump: Thissa, even though your team lost horribly, I can't blame you. Pyrog, *hand thing* you're fired! *Pyrog eats Trump, as well as George and Carolyn, then flies through the ceiling. We hear growls and screams as Jenneke and the nephils are eaten.* *Thissa throws Javelin* *Pyrog takes 1845264593068252745825635782582645* *Pyrog is obliterated* Thissa, Pulling out a ridiculously large, pink spear: Sssso, I guesss me and Ssschah get they money, eh? *Fade to black. We hear fading vahnatai voices.* "Classic." "Wait'll you see the DVD!" OK, thats it. Feel free to post and tell me what you think.
  3. Quote: Originally written by George A. Custer Declares You To Be: Quote: Originally written by Tris10101: FatbatMonkey, I may want to sell this when i finish it. Uh, by volume it has to be at least 80% someone else's work -- I'd avoid that like the plague... Alec speaks the truth. You don't want the dark god of plaugerism(sp?) to descend on you, do you?
  4. Quote: Originally written by Tris10101: Paladin, I have a life and am very happy with it. I was kidding.
  5. OK thx. I was thinking that myself. I'm probly going into another lurk soon.
  6. How could you script the item-coin node? It intrigies me, but seems impossible based on the editor's limitations.
  7. Obviously 'cause he's bored and has no life. No offence, btw. I'm the same way. I like it though do go on
  8. I'm not sure that would work... If you could find a way, it might, but I don't see it. mrb, the built in option works fine, but IIRC they get erased at the end of the scenario.
  9. Sorry I've been gone so long. I've been [figuratively] showing the Docs down my throat, and can now script . The thing I don't understand is how to script outdoor encounters. Someone plz help, thanks.
  10. I'm at a loss. The Docs don't really help me, and I want to learn to script. I need someone willing to go through, and teach what I need to know. Patience is a must, because I'm not to good at picking things up. If you want to do this, please send me an e-mail. The address is in my profile. Thank you in advance.
  11. O yes, and my Artila is Alice(think Dilbert )
  12. I name Fyoras after Mars djinni in Golden Sun. Forge, Fever, Scorch, Torch, Corona, Ember, Flash have all been in use at one time or another. I also once named one of my Drayks after our omniprescent mod.
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