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  1. Thank you!I must have gone by there a few times. and I got the third level of move mountian but I destroyed the portal already so whatever was behind that rock, I missed but will get it next time I play.
  2. How do I get into the storage area of Hall of Chaos? I've been all over the rest of it and under, but haven't found my way in to that part.. there are no doors and the walls have been patched with the brick, can't shatter it. Also I haven't been able to get the third level of stone shatter (move mountian) but its in the snake cult caves I'm guessing its in the book that I can't open but will be able to as soon as I get the athame. Thanks for your help.
  3. Guess it was some kind of glitch, but the Mertis Spiral problem seems to have solved itself and the lights came back on after the final battle, I have no clue what caused the problem, but it was temporary.
  4. I agree, actually this is the first Avernum game I found it useful, usually they last about one hit and gone. This game is nice because they do work. I came in on the Avernum series at four, so I missed a bunch of games prior, kind of a newbie in that sense. I like the way Splinter works once its been cast, nice spell.
  5. Okay it does work that way, it would be better if it materialized next to the caster and went from there, part of the idea is to put something between you and the enemy, my priest and mage both have less endurance then the fighters, since my priest fights, she has a little more and better battle skills, but is still lacking for much direct contact. Maybe you could turn the lights on in the Mertis Spiral and solve the whole problem? Kidding, sort of.
  6. This is great, finally missile weapons have some punch to them, and I like the razor discs and I always ran out too fast. But a couple things that are not good, the spell Splinter doesn't work, she casts it, nothing happens, she turns and walks off, loses her turn. And Mertis Spiral, once everything goes dark, when I got back out all of Avernum was dark and that didn't change, I had to go back to an earlier save. I was hoping to get that brooch this time.
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