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  1. thank you for the reply. I did clear out the giant's cave east of Bargha. after your advice I returned to check if I missed anything, but there's only a lvl3 magical barrier that I didn't have access to. since lvl3 MB is not possible to access in the "mainland", it may not be a solution. I think I'll buy another boat and try my luck with the great waterfalls again to reach Orb of Thralni.
  2. hello, I haven't been able to spot this info using the search function. My problem is that I can't seem to find a way to pass to the North Western part of the map. I'm sure I've missed a major dialogue which probably pointed me in the general direction, but atm I'm almost stuck in the game. On my main map the only places unfinished are "orb of thralni", "the walking dead". And of course I finished "Prison of Grath-hoh" but wasn't able to release him completely, because he sent me back or I didn't have the key or something. besides patience to read more dialogue, what am I
  3. yes it is true it's just that, that's probably the only time I'll be knowledgeable enough to answer a question on this board
  4. this one had the most complicated dungeon and almost a puzzle-like feel to it. since I'm not a big fan of re-exploring cleared out dungeons my last question is this: is there any importance of the sealed gate at the third level after we complete the quest?
  5. and what about that "sealed box" in the tunnels section? is there anyway to open it?
  6. thanks a lot for the locations, but I have cleaned all two levels of the dungeon so the monster names aren't much help atm. does the abbreviations of CSW, SW, CW mean, "center south west", southwest etc?
  7. there's only one small hut in wilderness just southwest of Fort Remote. I did clear out the creatures there, but when I try to decipher the "aranea shrine" within, it says i don't have sufficient knowledge of runes. I do have 10 Arcane Lore, with 6 of it coming from 2*sagelore. any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?
  8. I'm at level twelve at the moment. Still haven't been able to find the "aranea web" although I have cleared the "aranea lair". so I'm guessing it's somewhere else. I really want that spell dispel barrier. can anyone point to how to get there? am I hurrying too much?
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