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  1. Why is Incantatrix Shanker charging 1000+ for Magery? While in the FAQ/Walkthrough by Matt Pasek, Magery costs 250-275
  2. Supposed one of my character died during a boss battle, and my remaining characters killed that boss. When I revive my dead character, will he get experience just the same as if he was alive when the boss is killed?
  3. I see. Do you also get experience if you just damage a foe?
  4. You mean the game sometimes won't give you experience when you kill with or without the summons?
  5. What do you mean sometimes the game doesn't do it?
  6. I fought the basilisk in chapter 2 in northern isles. However my summoned shade by my priest killed it. Will I get experience if my summoned beasts and shades kill the bosses?
  7. All of your monitors are TFT (not CRT). Mine is 15" CRT. TFT monitors tends to be sharper and crisper. 15" CRT gets blurred when running at high resolution.
  8. Are all of you A4 users use 17 inch CRT monitor. I only have 15inch monitor and it's sooo tiny and hurting in the eyes. Only the texts are my problem. They are hard to read because they're small. Is there any workaround to make them a little bit larger using 15" CRT monitor? Or any programs that will enlarge only the texts?
  9. I was expecting to have at least a thousand respondent but only got 3. How come? To Robert, sorry I had given the first respondent Avernum 4. But wait, I have another offer for those living in America only. You are in Canada I guess. If so,you can help me with this simple problem, then, I can let you have Avernum 4. Or maybe an additional spiderweb game of choice. If you are interested, mail me killua_zordik04@yahoo.com
  10. No. I won't donate the 100$. That's mine I can only afford to donate a spiderweb game and for one person only. Also, why would they suspect me as a scammer? BTW, I received a notification that someone sent me a Private Message. He wanted me to give him the free A4 but how do I access my private messages here? Please do not PM me. Send me an email killua_zordik04@yahoo.com instead for those interested.
  11. Quote: Originally written by Wonko The Sane: You would probably start by buying the game on CD, then mailing it. You might get Jeff to email a code to someone, but I'm not sure. I already know how I can do it the easiest way. Quote: Originally written by Wonko The Sane: People in the A4 forum likely have A4 already, though, so I would start a topic in General or something. So can anyone transfer this to General or something? Quote: Originally written by Wonko The Sane: How are you deciding who's going to get it? That's what I'm asking for. Any ideas?
  12. Hello all Avernum fans. I got an extra 100US dollars given to me by a friend. Why? because I referred him the Avernum series. He likes it very much and gave me money for knowing it. I don't like to feel selfish so instead of keeping the money, I like to give someone here on this forum free Avernum 4. Is this prohibited? So how do I proceed. How can I give someone free on this forum?
  13. Hey schrodinger, when will you release a waltkhrough, next month, end of the year, or next year?
  14. Quote: Originally written by SupaNik: Now all I need is to get a decent monitor that can display the right resolution... Me too. That's my problem. Although I found my another 15inch monitor can display 1024x768 85Hz with no problem, the text are harder to read. Everything are too small. It's big mistake Jeff changed the resolution on his newest games. He should understand that 15inch monitors are standard just few years ago and it's still selling like hotcakes as of now.
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