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  1. "Place monster" works but they are all friendly, even when their default attitude is hostile type A. One version of the scenario editor that I downloaded has a "change creature attitude" special but it doesn't seem to work and there is no documentation with it.
  2. Okay, thanks, I will look at the create monster fields.
  3. I built a town that puts 20 friendly against 20 hostile, all equipped with heavy poison. They all kill each other and so far they all drop their designated item. I am running this test over and over again. Are you sure the 100 chance drop is only 95%?
  4. Not sure what iirc means. I need to be able to recall the monster an infinite number of times and I need there to be a special called every time it dies. The item drop would work if it were a 100% drop. However, if 100 is really 95 then I need something more solid (and 100 = 95 is a very poor design on spiderweb's part).
  5. How can you set "death calls scenario special" on a "place monster" monster? I have this idea. I can PLACE MONSTER and the monster will drop a worthless item on death. The monster is constricted to a certain area totaling 13 spaces. When the monster is placed it will also start a timer that will periodically check those 13 spaces for the item with ITEM CLASS ON SPACE +TAKE. This may work if there is no way to set a DEATH CALLS SCENARIO SPECIAL on a placed monster.
  6. I am placing a monster in town and making it a part of an encounter group so that the monster spawns when the encounter is called. After the monster is killed, is there any way to make it spawn again? Calling the encounter a second time does not work. I have tried this with out flags, and with flags then resetting them to zero. Nothing seems to make the monster spawn a second time. I need a special to be called when the monster dies, so the "place monster" special will not work for this, I don't think. Is there anyway to call the encounter over and over again?
  7. Some new terrain to add to the mix. I have not tested this yet.
  8. This scenario is very short and completely linear. No bugs detected. Decent story and I like the scene but it all ends too quick. There is just not much content. I give it a 3 out of 5.
  9. Falcon


    My daughter is going to love this. Well done.
  10. I downloaded and played a scenario I wrote many years ago when Blades was still relatively new. I have done a lot of work refining it and it has given me the itch to write a new one. But would it get played? I'm not sure how active the BoE community is.
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