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  1. I took the time to read it and I have to admit: I like the story. I think it's interesting and exciting! Please don't stop writing I think your skills are very good. Sometimes I wonder if a flower delivers to sheffield is a good idea, but now I think: yes it is It is a good idea indeed. Do you have your texts also in a download available somewhere?
  2. Having been interested with map editors for a very long time already, I am keen to know what something similar I could pull off with this. Well, I know that there aren't too many options considering what level you guys operate with. I assume that coordinates of a space though will be available to the given ones which will make it a lot easier to handle.
  3. I think that some of the other ghosts of townfolk are just out to seek revenge to the ones who have eliminated and killed them. There are the lot of examples that we could evidently see, though most of them have different problems going. While there are times that they are nothing more than just some great scenery added to make it all good looking.
  4. This thing has really been more common with the lot of companies driving for more traffic going their website's way. It is great that you were able to handle it early on rather than have people going their way thinking that it was something that was authorized to begin with. Not that I would want to start out and go hacking a ton of sites but what they do and have going is really impressive.
  5. Well, it's really about time that they stop printing those thick layers of paper that eventually end just on someone's shelves. They practically had use some time ago but when people started shifting to electronic means, they did not really have that much use up their sleeves. What will be better though is to port what they have on the more current trends like tablets. And they should shy away from the thought of actually making their own device accompanying it.
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