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  1. Available now: Avadon 3: The Warborn Eschalon Books 1, 2, and 3. Lords of Xulima. Serpent in the Staglands. Divinity Original Sin Wasteland 2 Age of Decadence Pillars of Eternity Shadowrun Returns Shadowrun: Dragonfall Shadowrun: Hong-Kong Dead State Underrail Kind of similar: These are generally turn-based RPGs with tactical combat, but different from Spiderweb games in other ways. Legends of Grimrock 1 and 2 Might and Magic X Realms of Arkania remake Banner Saga 1 and 2 Coming Soon: Tyranny Divinity: Original Sin 2 Shroud of the Avatar Torment: Tides of Numenera Bard's Tale 4
  2. There is only a desk in the room directly west of the forcefields, and clicking it does not do anything. Also, the wall that was destroyed before by the quick fire is back again. I think it might be a glitch, which isn't a big deal I guess since I am right at the end anyway.
  3. I already triggered the quickfire trap when I first got to that part of the game. I ran outside, away from the fire, and confronted Gharzad before he ran off. The quickfire did not destroy the forcefield when this happened, and how I can't get it to trigger again. That same room just inflicts lightning on me, but does not trigger the quickfire.
  4. I have defated Garzahd, closed the portal, and found two of the three crystal souls. I am pretty sure that the final crystal soul is behind the purple force field on the top floor of Ornotha Ziggurat, but I have absolutely no idea how to destroy that force field and retrieve this last crystal soul. Any help? I have already talked to the head mage in Elgi, but I don't have an option to ask her about it.
  5. I recently finished Avernum 2: The Crystal Souls and I really enjoyed it, as I have Avernum 1 and Avadon 1 and 2. I am itching to play another Spiderweb game, and I have the whole Geneforge series on Steam, but I am wondering if I should just wait for a remake? How different are they from the modern Spiderweb games? If there is a remake, but it is five years away, i'll just start the series anyway My PC can't handle Divinity: Original Sin, and I know Avadon 3 is probably a year away.
  6. I am in Thompson's lair in Fort Remote, but for the life of me cannot figure out how to get passed the gate that opens with the pressure plate. Any help?
  7. Hah, thanks I did what you said and it worked. I guess I just somehow missed going to that room, although I thought I went there!
  8. I am on the Hunting the Lord quest, and I couldn't find Carsta, so I looked at the faq's. It says I have to fight his wife first,and she will be in the grove, but there is nobody in the grove. I have looked all over every place I can access. Is there something else that I need to do first?
  9. I'd rather it take a while and come out mostly bug free, than get a rush job . I just finished Avadon: The Black Fortress, which I got on Steam. It's my first Spiderweb game, and I really loved it and I wanted to start Avernum next, but I only use windows. It's just as well, since I can just get Geneforge to play until it is released I want to get it on Steam anyway.
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