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  1. Out of the blue I got into the mood to play Avernum 2: Crystal Souls and before I got way too deep into the game, I wanted to know if there were any events or plot twists in Avernum 2 that were similar to Fort Remote in the first game, where places and people disappeared/became inaccessible if you proceeded too far into the game, and if you hadn't completed all the quests related to those people and picked up important items from those places, well, sucks to be you. Similarly, are there quests that conflict with one another? I seems to recall that it became impossible to have a normal conv
  2. Thanks for the tips, guys, and yeah, I found myself extremely patient and creative when it came to robbing place blind without getting seen. My latest trick now is to summon a ghost where nobody can see me, attack it with a stick or the cold damage sword to turn it hostile, then have all my priests cast Call Storm to blow the ghost into a shop with a stationary shopkeeper, wait for the shopkeeper to get hostile on the ghost, and then blow the ghost all the way into the back alley, luring the shopkeeper away from the goods.
  3. I first played Avernum ages ago, back in 2006 or something, and I recall that, I must have been more than a couple of months of free time sunk in that game when I stopped playing because of several naggy feelings and Lost Forever situations. One of those naggy feeling was that once I killed the lizard king and the remaining lizards surrendered and made a truce with the humans, I had this naggy feeling that my days of fantasy racism, when I crushed lizard baby eggs for cheap XP, were going to bite me in the butt at some point, or that all those unexplored dungeons with lizards in them would bec
  4. Does endurance really improve Cold resistance? I could swear it only improved Poison and Acid resistance in my game.
  5. Disclaimer: I haven't finished Avadon yet, so take everything I says with a pinch of salt if the ending is incompatible with my wishes in future Avadon titles. Dear Jeff Vogel, I don't know how far you are in designing Avadon II. I have one request however: Push the fantasy CIA aspect all the way to eleven. I don't want to be a fresh lowly hand anymore. I want to be an eye or a heart. I want to be able to arrest people and then interrogate them in the dungeons of Avadon. I want to be able to ruin or save the families of whoever stands in Avadon's way. I want to send spies on stealth mis
  6. A shadowwalker it shall be then. Thanks for the tips everyone!
  7. Well I don't lock myself into one party model, I'm not afraid of visiting Avadon and the trainer halfway in a mission whenever I win a couple of levels or whenever a new challenge, requiring a change of strategy, arises. With such a long and time consuming game, I'm trying to avoid or minimize situations where my main character would be a liability, due to low hit points, less than optimal damage, classes that only become useful at high levels, or that are useless to have twice in a party, especially in battles against Zhossa, Zephyrine, Redbeard or Beloch on Torment. Basically, whic
  8. I'm about to start a game on Torment difficulty and I wanted to know what was the best class to pick up as my main character. Is there any class that's useful to have at all time? Is there any class that's useful to have more than once in a party, especially in the toughest battles and optional bosses? Are there any advantage or any goodies (magic items, scarabs, charms) to be gained from having a shadowwalker or sorceress in Avadon? (In term of picking locks cheaply)
  9. I don't know how it happened but out of the blue Nathalie gained 100 max hit points. She has 365 hit points, nearly as much as my blademasters (380-400) and shaman (390), with their maximized skills that improve their health, and Shima is far behind, with 275 hit points. All my characters are about the same level, they all have twenty or so Endurance. In one savegame, I am in Avadon just before heading to Goldcrag to deal with the Titans, Nathalie has 255 hit points. I remember Eye Leira's quest to fetch the book in the mage tower in Khemeria, I head there, get the book, get my quest rewa
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