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  1. I like /wg/, though sometimes I hit up the anime wallpaper board. There's this excellent FMA background that's just the watch, which I like since it doesn't scream anime but it's still a pretty great reference, but it's watermarked and I'm too lazy to remove it. I have downloaded a metric buttload of Pokemon backgrounds though. My current one: I don't envy anyone, I know their lives are terrible
  2. I did enjoy World War Z, though not as much as the Zombie Survival Guide. I've been reading Gay Essentials: Facts for Your Queen Brain, which has this hilarious argument mentioned in it, wherein Sappho was actually just a teacher and she only felt the same affection to her students that Socrates felt towards his.
  3. We Learn to Swim By Watching You Drown
  4. Wrong: reply to a six year old question.
  5. Holy necro, Batman. (Why have I read this thread before?)
  6. Originally Posted By: Enraged Slith It's even more impressive when you realize that he made up that arrangement on the spot. [citation needed], 'cause I'mma call shenanigans on that. Edit: Okay, I found the video where you got that idea from. He says, Quote: Although, we only had a small window [of opportunity] when I was home, and, so everything was one take, and everything was, I just came up with the arrangement and, right, film me, go, and that's how we did it. So more likely: he worked out a rough arrangement, and rather than go the usual route of refine, refine, refine, he j
  7. Holy hell that was fantastic. I wonder if there's tablature for that piece? I can play Angelina fairly well, and that seems like a looser piece that would be more fun to jam on.
  8. Originally Posted By: Tunnel and Sky Collide It was dead, don't freak out I really like this one. Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba Dikiyoba attempts photographic Art. I like this. Very Ansel Adams-y. Originally Posted By: Actaeon Clavicle |Cowboy I like these two a lot! What kind of camera do you have? Oof, I wish I had some more of my photography. It's all on my hard drive which is fairly inaccessible at the moment since it is formatted to work with a Mac, and I only have a Windows running lappy at the moment. I'll go see what I have. Smaller ones I'll post, bigger
  9. Uh-oh. Not a good review to hear before I get it... I've got playing at the moment. A little rap, a little classical, a little dub makes something altogether new: and in that, it's altogether too beautiful for words. This is certainly in my top ten favourite songs.
  10. I still haven't gotten it yet. I'm rather in love with Ich Tu Dir Weh, though. Ich liebe es denn es liebe mich nicht. And...wait... Originally Posted By: Student of Trinity Maybe you just like listening to neus. HOW DID I MISS THIS TERRIBLE PUN UP UNTIL NOW IT WASN'T EVEN SUBTLE
  11. Originally Posted By: Student of Trinity Maybe you just like listening to neus. Funny you should say that just as I'm listening to . German rap. Mm. (Oh, and if anyone was wondering where my sig came from: This song!)
  12. That is good, that is really good, O Terribly one
  13. Tyranicus that is good, that is really good.
  14. It's very, very, very rare to hear a proper Beatles cover. Mostly because it feels like someone is violating something sacred (because, well, they are). Onto Rammstein now. Apparently I have a thing for Germans?
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