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  1. I added 3 points on anatomy through training, so essentially what your saying I need to get anatomy up to 8 in order to unlock lethal blow? that's a lot of skill points! Its currently on 5, so I need a total of 18 skill points to get it to 8, in other words, I need to gain 4 levels. Is there a level cap? If there was, I may not be able to get the levels required to get the points.
  2. As for Gymnastics and Resistance, how do I unlock those skills? My characters are on level 35 and are quite weak for some reason. My casters have 13-14 points on Mage spells and 12-13 points on spellcraft as for the partys' arcane lore, its on 9.
  3. For some reason, I still can't unlock lethal blow, having added two points on Intelligence, 5 points on anatomy and 6 on blademaster. What am I not doing right here? Its getting quite frustrating.
  4. I've only added one point on pole weapons but only as it was cheaper to add than melee and wanted to get adrenaline rush. I currently have 3 points on Anatomy and I just checked the requirements to add the skill (I bought the 3 points), turns out I just need to add two points on Intelligence. Thanks for that.
  5. Hey guys, The first thing I'd like to get advice on is my warrior, I'd like to get Lethal Blow (I can't figure out comprehensive guide to the skill effect). At the moment the warrior has 7 points on strength, 6 on Blademaster and a total of 13 points on melee/pole weapons. Secondly, the warrior wields two weapons, would it be worthwhile to add his pole weapons skill for 3k? I don't think so taking into consideration that I think the main battle discipline is Adrenaline Rush. Third, I have two characters who are wizards and I think that getting Strong Daze and Summon Aid for 3-4k i
  6. Hey, What should my mage spell level be in order for my character to be able to use/learn all the spells?
  7. Hey, I can't figure out where I could learn the spell Lightning Spray, so any advice would be appreciated. Also, Both my mages have their mage spell on 11 but haven't received any new spells. Does this mean that any new spells I'll have to learn? Thanks.
  8. Come to think of it, I only opened about 10 chests that actually contained items. I'll keep a few saves just in case it happens again. Just to confirm, you guys are saying that, if I were to open a chest, not find anything, I should try an earlier save to double check?
  9. It seems as though I have no choice but to start over. That said, what are the odds of the bug occurring once more? And thanks a lot for the quick reply, stopped me from wasting more time .
  10. Hey, I recently completed the Skribbane Eaters quest and was absolutely surprised when I went to the back room, only to find that there are no items, whatsoever, in any of the chests (I haven't checked one of the chests as it requires tool use 10). This was not the first time in which I was surprised not to find any items in any chest, vase..etc. My players are currently on level 26 and my warrior has had the same two weapons for the past 12 or so levels? Its really getting frustrating! Moving on, where could I go to to get special potions, ones that require mandrake roots, and where c
  11. Hey, I'd like to get two spells to level three, but can't seem to find their locations. The spells are Arcane Blow and Cloak of the Arcane. Thanks.
  12. Hey, I just finished the game with 4 characters, but I struggled as I didn't have a mage or priest. I had a Berserker, a Soldier, a Rogue and an Archer. The Rogue and Archer were exclusively used as archers. So its safe to say, I haven't got much experience in as far as spells are concerned as I only use Dispel Barrier throughout the game (played on Hard). It seems to me that the Berserker is much better than the Soldier especially when it comes to using two swords. I see no need for thrown missiles though. For the other character, I'm leaning towards a Sorcerer, though I'
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