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  1. Discovering the Trakovites in G4, playing both the shapers and the rebels off each other, then turning on both of them for the Trakovite ending. Realizing that the Trakovites turned into a fully developed, radical, anarchy sewing, terrorists cell in G5 was great too. I don't necessarily agree with their politics, but found myself aligning with them in both games regardless just because it's so much fun to play triple agent by pretending to align with both the rebels and shapers as long as possible (and as much as the game's faction reputation systems will allow), then screwing them both over in the end. I still see G4 and G5 as Spiderweb's best games solely for how well they model faction politics. G5 does it so well it kind of blows my mind that just one guy designed it, while massive AAA games which try to do something similar never really approach its level of complexity in terms of potential allegiances and outcomes.
  2. I've always wondered how much of this was more about the ability to reuse the art assets between games. A full on Sci-Fi series would have meant that probably very little could have been reused between Geneforges and Avernums. Geneforge does have quite a few unique assets that aren't reused in the Avernums, but the majority of world and world clutter/object type assets seem to be reused and probably wouldn't fit in a Sci-Fi universe. I think the Witcher series is fairly good about doing this without making it come off as cheap or out of left field. The key is always making the unintended outcome at once surprising, yet still plausible given the situation. Which is hard to do. You also do need a reason to care about what's going on too. I played the Geneforges only once and going on 5 years ago now, but I can still name all the factions, their general beliefs, and how they factored into the major choices you made in the games off the top of my head. I was totally invested in those games' choices and still regard the series as among my favorite (if not my absolute favorite) RPG series. When it comes to the Avadons, though, despite finishing both, I honestly can't even remember what happened in them, much less who the main political countries/factions are and what their political/cultural beliefs might be. I do remember several individual characters, though. Character is probably the series' saving grace, but even then there's nothing earth shatteringly great. So while I do enjoy playing them, I definitely won't be pinning for another Avadon once the trilogy is finished in the same way I pine for another Geneforge. I'll be happy to see Vogel move on to something else.
  3. I wasn't accusing you of anything and, honestly, meant it light hearted (hence the ). But I seem to have unintentionally touched a nerve, so I'll just leave you to it then.
  4. I don't know. I think this might be viewing things strictly from the perspective of the Spiderweb forums, which views everything through a very min/max mindset (seriously, within 24 hours of a game's release you guys basically have it cracked to the point that playing it is about as much fun as playing a spread sheet . If you go by these forums, for example, there's no other way to play Avadon 1 than as a dex build. Which I dont think is true, even if dex builds are superior in many ways) . If you are min/maxing there's always one or two character/party builds that outshine the rest (Vogel seems unable to release a game that doesn't have at least one grossly overpowered skill and/or stat). I don't think that means that other builds aren't viable, though. My problem with the skill tree in the trailer is that, on the surface, it looks like your only options are how much emphasis to place on which branch. Otherwise, the branches themselves are just straight lines. MAybe in practice that's not that different than what we had before (in fact, I don't think it is). But it just seems dull to me. Perhaps it's just a case of the change in aesthetic making apparent what was masked in the previous games. And, if anything, I think the newer skill trees make things insane singleton torment playthroughs (which were always fun and viable in the older skill systems just because they allowed for greater hybridity) much harder.
  5. I'm pretty sure he mentioned he was considering it in interviews. I found one with RPG Watch where he mentions considering it to fund a new engine: http://www.rpgwatch.com/articles/jeff-vogel-interview-293.html I think I've seen him mention it elsewhere too. But I guess never anything beyond idle speculation.
  6. Those skill trees basically just look like straight lines. It doesn't seem like there's much possibility to branch between them, but maybe I'm wrong. Avadons have always been the most limited of all spiderweb games when it comes to character builds, but the old skill trees (while basically only having three lines) did allow for some branching between them. Maybe the difference is just aesthetic, though. I can't really see how they work just from the video.
  7. I thought there was talk of kickstarter to fund a new ip?
  8. Well the whole, "Ain't I old?" thing is a shtick that he's been doing at least since his late 30s. Like most shticks it grows tiresome eventually. Even Louis C.K. doesn't do "I'm so old!" jokes anymore. I imagine it's difficult to run your own business, but Spiderweb isn't that complicated as far as businesses go. It's not like Jeff is busting his ass trying to advertise his games or anything. At this point he has a built in audience who will buy whatever he releases regardless. The business has been incredibly kind to him. And, to his credit, he's open about how lazy he is when it comes to innovation (the man definitely has a formula). Not sure why I'm harping on this, though, as I like Jeff fine and I love his games. People in their 30s and 40s complaining about how old they are is just a pet peeve of mine, I guess.
  9. Honestly, I find Vogel kind of tiresome. For being as successful as he is, he certainly whines a lot. I swear, if I have to read one more interview where he complains about what an old man he is for being 45 I will never buy another of his games again (which is a lie, but.....). You are a 45 year old with a desk job. Boo hoo. Welcome to the human race, buddy. There are people way older than you working way harder (seriously, he should follow my 64 year old dad around for a week, who still works full time and who doesn't work from home at his computer all day).
  10. I know from personal experience that he doesn't especially like it when you show up at his house with a cake frosted in his likeness. Although, perhaps it's only because he prefers pie. The policemen wouldn't let me ask him.
  11. It would only be awesome if the VR versions reused all the same sprites that the games have been using for the past 15 years.....and you know they would. Like, think how cool it would be to finally get to hold pileofbricks.bmp or inkwell.bmp in your hands!
  12. Yeah, I didn't have any sanctification scrolls, which was the main problem. I did finally beat him, though, mostly just through a lucky run where my priest never got stunned/terrified. Thanks, though. I should note that mental ward didn't seem to make a difference at all regarding how often people were stunned/terrified, while magical ward did mean the difference between a character dying and living with a shred of health in later stages of the battle. So I'd definitely recommend the magical protection ward instead of the mind one.
  13. I'm finding this battle to be way harder than some are making it out to be (even harder than the Angierach arena, which was really just a matter of using invulnerability and speed potions and making sure they never wore off). At least on torment, it seems to take at least 6-9 whacks with Demonslayer before his shield drops (which is like 3-4 turns right there), and his mental attacks are much more effective than any other enemy I've faced thus far (he even occasionally terrifies my priest with uber intelligence and mental protection). And the teleportations are incredibly annoying as the character is immobilized for several turns and the demons that spawn next to the teleported character have shields that can only be broken with Demonslayer. So teleporting a character means they are out of the action for at least 2-3 turns, if not longer (depending on the character). So my party always ends up split, one way or another, and I'm unable to do enough damage before the battle progresses to the point where he insta-kills people even with invulnerability potions. Anyone have any torment strategies? I have two melee characters, a priest, and a mage, all with pretty (I think) optimal builds (i.e. everyone has 13 hardiness and all the defensive stats I could afford via skills or buying. Nearly all my spells are level 3 and everyone has adrenaline rush). I haven't tried using a mental ward yet, though, perhaps that would help, especially since I tend to have invulnerability potions up anyway so magic wards might not make a huge difference.
  14. I can't find mass curing. Is the fountain SW of Dranlon on the overland map? Or is it in a dungeon?
  15. I can't find level 3 blink....where is it in the crystal shrine? Edit: Never mind....one of the crystals teaches you 1 spell for each crystal you return.
  16. This battle is a pain regardless of level. Their summon spamming means that closing the distance between you and them can be really difficult. It's a bit easier if you retreat into the previous room after engaging them, then take advantage of the AI's weird quirk of rushing headlong into danger if they can't see you. I was able to pick them off one at a time. Not sure what I would have done had all of my characters not had adrenaline rush, though. Pretty sure the battle is optional, though, provided you happen to come from the north. Regarding memorable battles: I can't really think of many. So far the boss fights don't seem especially unique or memorable in this game. They are mostly all just "guy with lots of hit points does damage and maybe occasionally spawns monsters or AoE damage." Usually Spiderweb games have a few puzzle boss fights, or at least boss fights with different gimmicks. But I'm only level 28 and haven't started most of the endgame stuff yet, so maybe I've just yet to encounter them.
  17. After killing the two named guys, I'm stuck in the upper NE corner of the ominous crypt in the Vahanti lands. I can't seem to find a button or an interactable object to open the way I came.
  18. What does quick action do exactly regarding fatigue? Does it have a chance of penalizing more in terms of fatigue lost, or does it have a chance of decreasing fatigue lost?
  19. I still haven't resolved this. I've seen several other people with the exact same problem, so I'm pretty sure it's not just me. I did find one lower resolution that is the only one that seems to work without cutting parts of the screen off, though, so I'm just using that. The game runs/looks fine at lower resolutions, but it's still kind of annoying/puzzling.
  20. Tried loading newest drivers, to no avail.
  21. I realize that you can check "ask resolution on start." That doesn't work. The computer is a laptop: Windows 8.1 i7 processor Nvidia Geforce 820m Video 8gig memory Screen is 1920x1080 native, so I'd like to run it in that resolution if possible The game works fine on my desktop, but none of its resolutions look right on my laptop. I just got the laptop 3 days ago, though, so it could be something with drivers or something (am not at all familiar with Nvidia cards on laptops). Anyone have any ideas?
  22. I've tried a bunch of different resolutions and none look right. They are all either zoomed in, or cut off. Kind of sucks, as this is really game breaking for me. And I literally just installed 15 minutes ago, so I doubt reinstalling would help. Anyone know what file saves resolution info? Perhaps I could delete it manually. (edit...deleted "Avernum2settings.dat" and that didn't seem to work)
  23. Woops, I meant to post this in the technical forums.
  24. I'm like 50 hours in and just got a new computer. I transfered my saves with steam cloud, but the game won't run in 1920x1080. It runs, but the screen is zoomed in, so it seems to actually be running at a different resolution. If might be running at the resolution from my previous save that steam cloud uploaded to the new pc along with my saves. Any idea how to work around that? I've selected "ask me at start up" and changed the resolution, but it doesn't seem to run the correct one.
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