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  1. Yes the DirectX version worked for me. And just for the info I am using an Asus Laptop. It has an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 and im running Win 7 64-bit. I think it has a problem with OpenGL because there are certain other games that wont run, most of them being ones that use or require OpenGL. But thanks for the info and getting my copy to work. I will send an email shortly.
  2. I recently purchased Avadon on the iPad and thought the game would be so much better if I could use a mouse. I saw it on Steam today and bought it instantly. Only problem is, the Steam version crashes everytime I start the game up. I also installed the Avernum 6 demo and had the same problem until I ran it in DirectX mode, as is recommended. So I think that is the problem with the Steam copy of Avadon. Is there any way to run the Steam copy in "directx" mode?
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