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  1. I'd offer to help, but I am just as bad at procrastinating. (Chapter two of my fanfic is still a WIP after several months...)
  2. Good point. My favorite from the first game was the Blinking Pants. (I do NOT miss the replicating stone blocks, however.)
  3. I'll have to try this. My personal favorite is what happens when you take him back to your cell in Vardegras' lair after the second Corruption quest.
  4. Don't quote me on this, but I *think* you may have to return to Avadon between placing the order for the furniture and having it show up in the house. I am very far from certain of this though.
  5. And not just who's good at what, but what skills the character would likely want to train in. I have a hard time training Yannick as an offensive spellcaster, for instance.
  6. It's great that you get along with your supervisor, but starting a relationship with her while either of you is in a position of power over the other at work is at best a Very Bad Idea if not a violation of company policy. (I think most companies, at least here in the US, have some sort of rule that forbids employees from dating coworkers when one outranks the other.)
  7. I personally read that incident with the portrait as being linked to Envoy Jaime's quest, because I've always been on his quest when I first visit the Tawon. It honestly didn't occur to me that it might not be linked somehow. I don't know for sure either way. If it turns out not to be linked to the Raptors' quest for Gryfyn, though, there is the possibility Lilith brought up. The MC's trainer does mention later in the game that they had been talking with rebel scouts. Given that, it's possible that either they mentioned the MC's description innocently and someone from one of the factions thought it'd be a good idea to off the MC, or that a party of rebel scouts spotted the MC after the first run-in with Ghorus, assumed he hadn't finished his job and decided to hire someone else for that job instead. (Incidentally, this would also help explain Konstina's reluctance to pay Ghorus what he considered his due.)
  8. I get what you're saying. Though from what I could tell, most of the new stuff in LOTR was at least drawn from Tolkien's other Middle-earth stories and so was much more canon (except for the Elves in the battle at Helm's Deep, and the participation of the Host of the Dead at Minas Tirith itself). The new stuff in The Hobbit... not so much. Then again, I'm a purist when it comes to books I love being adapted for the screen.
  9. Not only that, but he'd take out details that (insert one) didn't film well/seemed boring to him/he just couldn't be bothered to fit in. (See, for instance, the film version of LOTR: Return of the King.)
  10. Working my way through Game of Thrones (the book series) - just finished book 2.
  11. Also, it would be fun to be able to hire an artist IG and have them paint scenes like this...
  12. As tempting as this sounds, I think it would be MUCH more fun to have him be Nicodemus' assistant. At the very least, it would give him something legitimate to gripe about. It might even neutralize Nicodemus' tendency to create dangerous and/or useless objects. (See Avadon 1's self replicating bricks, for instance.)
  13. The Chabon fight seems too heavily scripted to allow you to kill him. I also got very close to killing him several times, but Redbeard always showed up before I could finish the job.
  14. Never thought of it that way. Although I have no clue where my toddler brain came up with the idea in the first place.
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