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  1. The point is ranged can do the same damage as melee and more, but also barely ever get hit because of the dex allocation. Sure you can pump str on Sevilin and do more damage, but you'll be dead pretty quickly without enough dex.
  2. I stuffed him full with dex and evasion items. And used the "5% harder to hit" enchants. The few times he does get hits the regenerate passive skill procs most of the times (with +3 in middle column). (or the attack is parried, same column) His damage is not huge, but enough to kill stuff.
  3. Damn.. I burned the papers as well :+ Guess that will be something to take a look at some other playthrough..
  4. I skipped this quest the first time around, and just came back later. By that time my warrior had so much dex and defense he could have solo'd it Happens pretty often btw, that my shaman and sorceress die and my warrior ends up clearing the battlefield on his own..
  5. There is no way to zoom unfortunately.
  6. I love indie games. I don't need a huge system (can play it on my laptop) and prices are still sane. And often you will find great gems with more and better content and gameplay than the big budget titles out there.
  7. And if you are unsure if something has value or not, just CMD-click it (or the Windows equivalent). It will go to your junk-bag, which you can sell off with 1 click. Items with no value will just disappear. Some armor has value and some doesn't, but I've always been too lazy to exactly learn what.
  8. Aeden

    Dhorla woods

    Cutscenes would be nice, but personally I would rather have him invest more in the quest log if costs or time are an issue It doesn't have to be kindergarten level like WoW or something, but a bit more help would definitely streamline gameplay.
  9. Aeden

    Dhorla woods

    The main issue with quests is in Avadon I found so far (first of Jeff's games I've played), is that there is no way to know where the quests are or where to complete them. I just keep going through dialogs and people endlessly, seeing if they have new sidequests, which gets a bit annoying after a while. Also it is a waste to miss side quests. Often I also pick up quests that I already completed, sometimes without knowing. So I spend time trying to complete a quest I apparently already completed, which again is slightly frustrating at times. Secondly the quest texts aren't always tha
  10. Aeden

    So Laggy!

    Don't think this has anything to do with the game. If your system doesn't recognise your videocard, you are probably playing the game unaccelerated. Fix your computer and try again.
  11. Aeden


    That reminds me. Don't buy the sequel from the Mac App Store. It's a bit cheaper though.. but Apple also scrapes a few bucks off into their own pockets..
  12. What range weapon is that? I'll retrain her to use missile
  13. I'm using her as a healer and have pumped int on the shaman so far. I guess that's not the way to go? I thought the int would affect the amount healed as well.
  14. Yeah I guess. One of those little things you find out the hard way
  15. Ok never mind. I just wasted 2 hours clicking on the wrong guy... Harissa was the one dressed as a soldier and I kept asking Ilhan :X
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