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  1. I finished Kayolith pretty quickly, it's not much of a challenge (except to find the hidden passage past the rockslides). Combats are not that hard either. Have not bothered with Heirs yet. The one I'll get to one day is Doom Moon 2 once I figure out how to get out of the first combat (I finished Doom Moon...yeah, not thrilled with pistols, but that flamethrower was darn nice...). m
  2. Hi there, Thanks again. Over the many years (on-and-off) of playing Blades I've managed to finish most of the scenarios made during its heyday. I need to try some of the newer ones. The only three of those I never finished (major ones) are (1) Destiny of the Spheres (the 'thirst' thing drove me nuts as I am one of those people who love to explore the entire map); (2) Revenge (for some reason -- not from fatigue -- my party dies 2/3 of the way through walking outside, like some other clock has expired...I just gave up as I thought I was doing everything right) ; and (3) Doom Moon II (
  3. Hi, I had played some of AC1 but some of it bored me so I quit. I usually don't like scenarios that I can't use my normal party, or have nodework that 'destroys' things in my inventory due to BoE limitations on dropped items. I didn't create a 'god party' and I like playing with the party I developed over time. In any case I have played many of the scenarios you talked about and got through them pretty smoothly. Thanks again for your help. I'll finish this one this coming weekend when things quiet down here a bit. m
  4. Hi, Yes, all I needed was that one tip about the 'ruby altar' and I managed to finish it pretty quickly after that. Thanks again for all your help! m
  5. Hi, Thanks. All I needed to find out was that I actually have to take the damn carpets and that activates the buttons. I thought you just had to walk over the proper ones. It's these little illogical things that sometimes drive me nuts. I guess I can finish the game now. Thank you for all your help. m
  6. Hi there, I had already done all that, in that specific order. Elementals weren't bad to deal with if you can lure them out between the door. But I have tried it the correct order several times to no avail, even re-loading games and so forth. And still no go. Do I step on the spots or do I have to do something to activate them? Or am I missing something totally? I'm just about to give up on this game. Shame, considering how good it was. Nevertheless, thanks for your help, as always. m
  7. Hi there, That seems to be between 2 different event nodes... The first time you visit Lucivius's castle you go to sleep and go to Gunther's grave and talk and all. Then you get to the point of teleporting to that whole meeting on that island that you escape from (the one you helped me with at the beginning of this whole chat). I now have fought back into Lucivius's castle, past the barriers and killed the earth elementals. I am trying to unlock the gate inside Lucivius's bedroom by stepping on the buttons in the towers -- and that's where it is not working. I have the right tow
  8. Hi, sorry for delay. No, I meant back to Lucivius's castle. For some reason I used another party and had to fight the 4 sets of guardians on each barrier. I did find a bug that somehow had the barriers all de-activated and no guardians to fight...but that's another matter. Lucivius's castle, to get the key gate to open is a nightmare. I've been through the T'Langh thing awhile back. This is the end, trying to get to the summoning chamber. Thanks, m
  9. Hi again, No worries, happy to be chatty, that's what these forums are for, right? Thank you for the demon solution. One thing that ticks me off a little about this puzzle is that frankly, there are several 'correct' solutions for the puzzle. It would have been ridiculously tedious to play through each combination to find this 'correct' one out of all the other 'correct' combinations! For some reason the barriers to Lucivius's castle disappeared after I did this puzzle, and for some reason when I tried opening the summoning room door it had Tiberius answer? Huh? How did that hap
  10. Oops, the system didn't lay out the stuff right... So from top going clockwise: BP, SA, N, BM, M BP, M, SA, N, BM M, BP, BM, N, SA etc...all don't work.
  11. Hi again, Quick update (yeah, lounging this Saturday away playing BoE on the laptop...). Got the 'Vigara' thing done. Priest spell I had already returned the donation earlier, so now I gotta get a skill potion to get it back up via a trainer. Headache. I am now at the pentagram in the demon cave and despite laying out all the reagents there is failure time after time. I found several combinations that fits the description, so this is another one of those 'annoying' bits. Did I miss something really dumb? BP BP M SA
  12. Hello, Ahbleza! You are amazingly quick and helpful! 1) 'Viagra' -- well, I had already found the 'black market' chain of people but haven't bothered to trace each down because the price they offer for some items are so derisory I didn't bother. That solves that one, thanks! 2) Scavenger hunt -- all I needed was that 'ruby' clue. I finished it pretty quickly after that. Thanks! 3) Priest spell -- I was already level 7 with all the spells, but after Lucivius removed a level I need to gain it back quick. I knew it was Thomas I needed to speak to but couldn't get the dialogue
  13. Oh, BTW for the 'scavenger hunt' I figured it was a 'red' altar somewhere. I've checked everywhere with one, but never thought of trolling through the prison...thanks for that hint!
  14. Hi Ahbleza, Oh, no worries, thank you for the help! But I had figured it out this morning over a coffee (don't ask me why I started up early this morning) on the big-headed guy in the bar and got through the manor (and yet another sphere). And yes, I figured out beforehand it was Quintus that the gumbies needed. So I did manage to figure all this stuff out (sometimes a hangover+coffee helps these things!), but thank you for writing it all down! The only thing different is that praying to the statue doesn't do my party any good, but the timer node told me what to do.
  15. Hi Ahbleza, Thanks for your quick reply! 1) Alchemy set. Thank you! I figured you get it from Fregk-Ursia but couldn't get to the dialogue where it wanted something. I kept getting dead ends on the dialogue. I spent 2 hours talking to that thing! Thank you, how did you get to that part of the dialogue that it was missing something, it needed something? I had already gathered the nightshade, so it took me 10 seconds to finish that one and get the potion of light and more! 2) Slith Island. I meant the island of Zenarbial, after you get teleported to Kunisulitz (when you reject Var
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