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  1. Oh, thx. Ive missed that one.
  2. It is given by librarian Leila to kill skeletons "upstairs". So i cant figure out where in the castle these "upstairs" are. I thought that was keepers tower, but its locked.
  3. Oji

    Dhorla woods

    Hmm, despite having quest from that runner and others for woods, i had to explicitly tell her that im hunting shadow beast to open woods location, that seems not logical to not open location just because of that.
  4. Oji

    Dhorla woods

    I've got now 3 quests for dhorla woods but theres no way to get there, dhorl stead is only location to visit when i leave area. I tried leaving through all sides but still no luck. What should i do to proceed?
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