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  1. I found a bunch of switches early on in the game. I've now finished all four personal quests and I haven't seen any switches for a long time. I've been looking consistently too! There are a lot of areas on a bunch of maps I just can't get into. These switches (if that's the problem) might be a bit too hard to see.
  2. I lost this combat the first time. Too much fire for turn after turn got too roasty and I eventually ran out of my substantial supply of potions. The second time, I remembered that Natalie had a party wide resistance spell, I spent a lot more time distributing damage around on the drakes rather than hammering each one hard, hoping it was Zhossa and it went much smoother. I also had Shima on one side Natalie in the middle and my Blademaster on the other side, with a wide gulf in between each, so that generally speaking no drake could roast more than one person at a time. I kept the two fighters just in range of Natalie so that the party-wide spells still worked and had them just shoot arrows / stars at drakes until the pop. This way was much easier. I barely had to use any abilities. It was certainly easier than the shadowwalker ghost in the basement.
  3. Quote: But who pays more for a loaf of bread if they don't have to? Dunno, but have you ever tipped at a restaurant? It's not that different. I thought about giving Jeff the extra $5 for a while. I was going to do it, but a nagging doubt suggested that the spiderweb.com electronic ordering might take a day or two to clear, whereas MAS is instant. I don't know if that's true or not, but it was enough in my case to push me to MAS.
  4. We are getting into some serious topic drift here... Anyway, having had some time to observe the problem of backwards compatibility from the many perspectives, we all should take note that there is almost nothing in it for Apple or your favorite software developer to keep backwards compatibility beyond a certain time frame. Some examples: From the developers' perspective -- Sometimes Apple introduces some new feature that makes life much easier for the software developer. However it is only on the last two major OS's. The software developer is then looking at making a choice between writing two lines of code to call the new API, or spending a week or more reinventing that wheel so that 2% of his installed base can play the game. There are usually several such. Is it worth your time to add another month or two to your schedule in order to service that 2%? Another from the developer's perspective -- lets say that MacOS X.4 (Tiger) has a really annoying bug that causes your game to go haywire in a way that is difficult to track down. And as is typical you no longer have a machine that will boot on the Tiger (X.4.0) install CD, so you can't reproduce it. Are you really going to go buy a system on e-bay to support these users? From the OS providers' perspective -- it is a lot of work at times to support diverse hardware. For example while we were on PowerPC, you often ended up writing high performance OS code twice, once for G4/G5 and once for G3, which didn't have AltiVec. Likewise, you can get into similar situations for DX9 vs. DX10 vs. DX11 compatible GPUs on OpenGL, etc. Instead of using a single core piece of code that everyone runs, you now have a rats nest of code designed to handle every possible situation on a wide variety of GPUs. After beating your head on that for a while you really begin to dream of the day when you can finally retire "bad idea X" hardware and no longer have to deal with the associated headaches. From the OS providers' perspective -- Microsoft has a big problem of too much backwards compatibility. They have to compete with the Microsoft of 10 years ago (WinXP) in order to get new sales, and quiet frankly they aren't doing that well. If the customer really wants WinXP, it is hard to convince him that Win7 is more compatible with WinXP than WinXP was. You eventually convince yourself that you can't actually fix bugs because the fix might break someone depending on the bug. At that point, your OS stagnates and you have trouble delivering new stuff. You pre-announce a whole pile of new features to get people excited. Then you go implement them, discover that it breaks must-not-break-apps X,Y,Z. Then in despair you pull the feature. At the end of the day, you over-promise (longhorn) and under deliver (vista) and nobody is happy. In any case, if you are depending on Dad to give you a hand-me-down computer so you can avoid falling off the OS bandwagon, then don't whine about how poor you are. You should be busy convincing Dad that the latest and greatest mac is the best thing ever and he really needs one! It is his birthday soon. Maybe Mom should get him one. I'll show you just the one. Or maybe it's Mom's birthday soon and she really wanted that MacBook Air. Chances are, no matter whose birthday it is, it is you who will be getting the present -- a nice NEWER hand-me-down computer! You'll need it for college anyway, I'm sure.
  5. Agreed. I meant I didn't find any cases where the game went out of its way to force you to take notice of them. I think in at least one previous Avernum the very first trainee dungeon had a dialog box that popped up and pointed out the switch to you.
  6. Got a third quest -- Aid Shavon -- still can't get out of Dodge. Grump Grump.
  7. Yeah, just double checked. I have both the corrupted circle and widow of bones quests, but can't leave the Dhorl town.
  8. I have both those quests, I think. I still can't leave. I've already tried to get into Orghym'Tor, was refused, went back to talk to the hunter and got the second quest. Still can't leave.
  9. They are little medium-brown rectangles that light up when you mouse over them. I believe they only occur on walls facing south or east -- or at least if they are on n/w facing walls they'd be hard to see due to the view projection in the game. Usually they just lead to bonus stuff, but in other Avernum games they have occasionally led to important stuff late in the game. Other Spiderweb games have been good to toss in an element early in the game to show you a secret switch. I didn't run across one in Avadon.
  10. i have two quests in Dhoral now, to go find a spider and save a circle. I've cleared the forests on the same map as the town of Dhoral, and searched every inch and don't believe either of these are on the same map as the town. Unfortunately, when I try to leave the town through any of the exits, there is only one known location on the larger map, and I come right back to the town on the west side. Is this a bug? Do I need to do something to get new map locations to show up?
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