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  1. Going back to the topic, something I liked with Spiderwebs previus games was that it was such a good game that I wanted to play it through 3-4 times! But in Avadon you play ALL classes in your first gamethrough, which is kind of good because you have more than one mane charakter. In Geneforge you had Alwan, Greta or your creations. Their skill trees are nothing compared to yours. BUT, the system of making you play all classes at once, makes me lose interest in re-playing the game. I think that it would be better if you could choose some of the classes in the same gamethrough, but not all of them
  2. Well, it would be really intresting if the game changes into a strategy game when you become the keeper
  3. Where is the Vahnatais? Sorry, it was like a year ago i played this...
  4. When I'm in the Waste Repository (at the first adventure) and sit down in the chair in the room in the middle of the map, it only says: "Theres nothing you can do here now. You need to find a way to activate the panel. Based on what you have seen here, this must be done somewhere else." I remember that i need something called the "Opening Stone" to open some green laserbeems that block some doors in the school of magery, but where do i get it? Sorry that i ask, I have done it before but i just can't remember
  5. Ok. Thank you everybody:)
  6. I am on the 11 day and have just come to the mushroom cavern. I don't think i can make it in time because it takes very much of my time to go through the mushroom caverns. So i wonder is it another way to the fort? It's the adventure "The Za-Khazi Run".
  7. Wait a minute... Why will i need wall-bumping or Far sight? And what's wallbumping?
  8. I read my mail and discovered that i didnt say which adventure i ment.*_* It's the third Spiderwebadventure "The Za-khazi Run".
  9. Does someone know how to make it through this irritating maze? I have walked around everywhere but i dont find a way to make it through! I came to a cave with icedrakes, killed them and found a key that is absolutely worthless!! What should i do now?
  10. Oh! There:) Thank you very much:)
  11. But how do i go through the shut portcullis where the wheel is? I cant go to the wheel...
  12. Is it some1 who know what i must do in the secret Empire outpost in the second Adventure? I cant go back and i cant go further in and i activated the quickfire in one of the rooms. What should i do?
  13. But when i sit in the south and the west chair it says: "When you sit in the throne, words try to form on the surface of the pedestal, coalescing out of thin air in letters of mist. However, before the words manage to come together the mist disipates, and they fade again." "You stand up, confused. Perhaps you aren't authorized to use the chair, or the system is no longer funktional." And when i sit in the north chair it says: "You return to the funktional control panel. You could try to do something else with it, but the inadequacy of the instructions, combined with your lack of knowlidge of the workings of the school, makes that a dangerous procedure." You leave the conrols alone. You think you have done enough with them so far.
  14. No sry i mean the Controlchamber in the deepest of The school of magery that looks like a tower at the worldmap.
  15. Does some1 know what i should do in the Control Chamber?
  16. Is it some1 who know where i should use the opening stone???
  17. A tip says that you get more xp from enemies that are harder to kill. Does this mean that you get more xp in torment than in e.g. casual?
  18. Hi! Do I need to kill Lady Antje? Can she be dealt with in some other way? I ask since she is immune to everything and not possible to kill it seems. I'm totally stuck here.
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