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  1. Sound it out. It works pretty well, believe it or not. I remember the show now, it's MXC.
  2. Originally Posted By: Trenton Uchiha, rebel servile I saw once on a show some one running across cornstarch+H2O What show was that? I bet it wasn't as awesome as that Korean stunt show where people have to get past these crazy obstacles. I don't remember what that show was called, unfortunately.
  3. Killer Instinct is a real game. But someday I will remake it into and RPG. Originally Posted By: Trenton Uchiha, rebel servile have you noticed that most times in posts where he both post we somehow get into an argument? It might be because I act like a psycho and then you don't ignore the psychoness (if that's a word even). EDIT: I typed so slow that three people managed to post before me. Woot!
  4. +250,000 points for point argument Back on topic, if you mix cornstarch and water you get a liquid that acts like a solid, in layman's terms. EDIT: +NaN points because I didn't make another post regarding a point system that doesn't exist.
  5. Originally Posted By: Trenton Uchiha, rebel servile WHAT THE HELLS THE MATTER WITH YOU?!?? Many things! +5 points for modesty
  6. I was talking about being sued for copyright because I was copying Alorael's signature.
  7. In FFX, a character stands in three different ways during combat. The first the normal one, obviously. Then there's the exhausted-looking one when they have less than half of their HP. The last one is when they have very little health (compared to full HP), like they sprinted 5 miles or something. Oh, forgot another one. When they die, they look dead. And if you haste Tidus (the main character), he looks like he's having a seizure!
  8. I don't think you've noticed that millions of people are currently unemployed. Including college graduates. —Karoka, who might get sued for copyright because he's doing this. He also has a hard time learning by reading. It's why he got an F when he studied for the first and last time.
  9. 1. It's Raining Cats and Dogs 2. It's Raining 3. Prancin' In the Rain 4. Heavy Rain 5. Under the Rain Any questions?
  10. Karoka

    Favorite RPG

    The other Final Fantasies. I wouldn't be here if I've never played other RPGs. I love you, Exile.
  11. Ya know, some college graduates work at McDonalds.
  12. I just hope noone here is ornicopytheobiblopsychocrystarroscioaerogenethliometeoroaustrohieroanthropoicichthyopyrosiderochpnomyoalectryoophiobotanope-gohydrorhabdocrithoaleuroalphitohalomolybdoclerobeloaxinocoscinodactyliogeolithopessopscphocatoptrotephraoeirochiroomychodactyloarithstichooxogeloscog-astrogyrocerobletonooenoscapulinaniac.
  13. Karoka

    Favorite RPG

    I have some strange addiction to FFX. I've never played the others, though.
  14. Originally Posted By: Alorael Alorael, who believes that most of those self-adjusting tests don't give you bad scores if you outdo your level and then do poorly at a higher level. I got 210. That's equal to 55% (which is an F). The easiest question I got involved theta and sine. It's not fair! The worst part is that it counts as a quiz grade And during all this, the guy next to me got easy stuff like probability and solving for x. He got 260 (which is 80%) EDIT: Originally Posted By: Trenton Uchiha What can school get me that I already dont have? A date
  15. I remember there was this computerized test. If you answered a question right, the next would be harder. If it's wrong, it get easier. For the math one, my algebra teacher (Honors Algebra I, it's only 8th grade guys) complained to the office that we were getting Algebra II & III questions. Nothing was done, though.
  16. I still think we should get paid to learn in school. It's just as hard as a job, if not harder. Like, having a test at least 3 times a week isn't that necessary...
  17. Don't they need water too? I never see rain in any of these games.
  18. Gases aren't invisible. You can easily see water vapor in a closed system (such as the bathroom[unless you are nasty and you leave the door open])Smoke is even easier to see.
  19. Originally Posted By: Trenton Uchiha, rebel servile. OH MY GOD KAROKA. They bless your ability to use archery, aiming spells, and to land more hits. So aren't they blessing your eye? Because you know your eye lets you aim.
  20. ...so they use their eye to bless you? What 's wrong with using their hands or something?
  21. Originally Posted By: Darth Ernie am i the only one that started to read this, saw the length of the posts and just left? I didn't read it at all...
  22. Originally Posted By: Lilith Originally Posted By: Malical Is this new scheme working out? Are more people paying for the full version? I certainly did. Yeah, if you look back as far as Exile 1, the first SW game, the demo covered nearly half the map area of the game. A lot of people never played far enough to get to the boundaries of the demo area, which meant a lot of lost sales. More recent games have generally had much shorter demos, just enough to give you an idea of how the game plays and a taste of the plot and setting. I remember playing the Exile 1 demo and going left for an hour. And then I quit.
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