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  1. I never thought anything would be easy, just throwing out suggestions
  2. The ability to add item descriptions, similar to 'Realmz' so you can add a little flavor to those special items EDIT: Here's something else Allow for weapons to have other special abilities, not sure how to define it all that well, but for example, let's say for example, that you have a spear called Gungnir, that acts as a pole weapon, now let's say this spear can also have the ability to be thrown like a ranged weapon, except it behaves like a regular weapon, and since it's a special ability you wouldn't have to worry about charges or anything.
  3. Some questions 1. What is the answer to Grunge's third question? Or better yet, how do you find the answer? 2. Where are all the harmonics? 3. How do you solve manage to get through the minotaur's lair? 4. How do you solve the puzzle with the sticks, it had stumped me ever since I encountered it. 5. What are the requirements to 'win'? These are questions that I have asked myself over and over when I played Quintessence, and my username is a hint to my gaming ability when figuring out things like that in the first place
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