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  1. I think that missile weapons add fair amount of challenge and spice(which some would like and some wouldn't). I actually like the diversity of adding an "Archer" to my party, plus the fact that the hit precentage is quite random. But the bigger question is.. Will there be a stable version of any "Open" version of BoE anytime in the near future before wanting to add all the improvments?
  2. Thank you very-very much for keepin' it alive and kicking! BTW, on the other topic which have been locked - When I asked for "updated scenario guide" I lazily reffered to a guide for custom scenarios - Like in which order should recommened scenerios(with them included) be played if you start playing custom scenarios from scratch. I'll try "NewMarketCity" thingy you've uploaded there to tweak my current party :) Also can your provide direct link to your "scenario archive" on BladesOfExile.com? Many thanks once again!
  3. I see no need to get into so much trouble for now as it won't provide a solution to the stability issue yet, However, It does look promising with new race choice and other features! I always dremt of a remastered version for the game(And mostly for Exile III) even back in the day I did some programming. As for the 16bit compatibility fix(OTVDM), Checking it right now and it seems great!, Any fix for the somewhat sluggish behavior, more often when the game window loses focus? BTW, Slightly out of topic, But is there a updated scenario guide(Like which scenario to start before another / What is the best order to play each) Thanks alot again guys
  4. Thank you very much, Very helpful as well. Will try it after work time
  5. And is there a way to build the new fixes onto a new version somehow? So in the meanwhile, If i want to play any version of BOE in a stable way, Is there a proper way to do it in a windows 10 machine?
  6. Many thanks for your work on the project! Will there be more bug fixes for freezes and game quits on several actions(such as clicking "Record" on dialogs) soon? x64 Windows 10 BoE-Win-a8e120d
  7. Okay! So what's after redemption. start a new party and go Apolgize? i mean what's up with the doran's amulet?, it's for the later scenerios by al?
  8. Yupp.... it was indeed "The Prince" and on the maybe ONLY bookcase i didn't look on at the ancient library, the efreet clue on the book helped as it would be probably too annoying to start looking at every bookcase again over there. Many thanks, Toxa :]
  9. Hey.. just one last TWO questions(hopefully). I got 3 out of 4 of the books the troll needs, I'm before the final part(going to andrus with the crystal), and i don't want to finish the scenerio before i got all books, i saw there's a small room near andrus cave, is the last book there?? i think i'm missing "The Prince", but i'm not sure.. kinda searched all the places i've been to. 2nd thing is the Amulet of Doran, Searched the small despite and talked to the pixie, tried playing with the flowers into some combination... , Is it achiveable on the old version?
  10. Thanks and don't feel sorry! Would have never figure it out, maybe since i'm jewish.. or else.. didn't realy get the whole metaphore idea for this connection. So i've played some league of legends in the meanwhile
  11. Ok, Do you know the NPC Robinson on the dark cavern located at 40,8? He will give you a question(not a riddle as he says), please see the image on the link for reference. http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/10/10/1499776/robinson_quest.PNG Did you not come to encounter him in this scenerio?? , I'm just looking for the solution for this question..
  12. but??? It's both men, in the start of the era.. , it's a weird question idk, could do anything to many religions.. did you solve it or??
  13. Ok, here's a new one. The question SpiderRobinson is asking, have you solved it? my tries were cainabel,zeushades.. ,lame i know but i'm kinda on the rush and gtg out but ill think of the answer when i'm back, i believe it's from our world-gaia(earth). Edit: although the second one have never cried and so is Chuck Norris, I know it's not him.
  14. Yea i tought it might be the reason, However didn't know several versions flow around, thanks!
  15. BTW any clues of where i should get the word needed for passing the statue at "A Mysterious Castle"? nvm, got it from the ghost didn't notice the door to her with my magic map active.
  16. Ofcourse i haven't done all combinations yet just found the evul scarecrew , knew i will fight him one day!
  17. Speak with AM for re location. yea i got that hehe.. took some time, already been to almost everywhere! i need the next amber heart to do the ultimate combination portal.. wonder where is the cave with it. and btw the bridge troll took the book i found in the ancient library(i think) and want the other two??, they are in the same scenario i guess since it's special item, btw the Rare book gives anything?
  18. Hey Ahbleza, thanks for your efforts!! Well i did click the OK, and i went in the second time to cave once again after some progress and again.. , not getting the special item, my special items list are: Maroon Text Obsidian Stone Mine Key Lower Level Key. I'd say don't bother going through this anymore if it's not so important
  19. I only get this message: "Uh! This corpse has been badly disfigured and dismembered, and not much of it remains. Much of the skin has been ripped off and most of the limbs have been torn away, presumably to be eaten. This is the Stridors’ nest and it doesn’t take a genius to discover what their food source is – you. The Stridors seem to have tunneled all over the region, to wherever they could find a food source. The mine was just one of their targets and this is just one of their enclaves. There are bound to be more of them around somewhere, but you’re just not up for suicide today. Perhaps you should think about leaving while you still can..." Without the special item event. I've tried running into every single npc saying julian and even visiting his booth in wizard's market thing(which were close), so..
  20. gah.. i had crimson rubies from previous scenerios which didn't work, it was a pain to figure it out. at least i'm not stuck anymore
  21. Hey, do you know about julian's body in stridor's cave? he suppose to give a map but he doesn't.. not cool :< and btw didn't find a place with 2 Braziers in the tower.. so i'm going for the stick n' rubies method now
  22. Yeap ur idea mixed with my corridoring stance worked, anti-magic spam and fitting some shades on behind him where the demon-auto-summon thing happens work, took long and many potions but hey i'm on to redemption again yay xD
  23. mmmph. well i kinda tried to get him with "cheating"(restoring hp/mana) just to see if he be brought down and it seems his demons spells getting absorbed into hit points, as i checked on him "scry monster", so i must kill it with antimagic and then Melee only??, i don't do any dmg to it with melee ok ill try the <bring to corridor - kill minions 1 by 1 - save - restore - load - and 5v1 boss with that method> ill report back!
  24. the last boss on Staff of Kayolith, that lich soljare... what do i do against him? he got like 2300hp and immune to all+avatar. can't deal with him with magic and my melee do like max 40 per party turn which make it impossible to kill before being killed. how did you pass him? :x btw my party averge lvl 33~ only my first member is 50. edit: ahh i have to dispel him kek. will give it a try
  25. I've finished it now, damn that dragon took some time to ley down but I took him on the first shot(lucky!), I've choosen "Refuse" and finaly "No" so the protogras the wiz came and it was funny he was still blaming the other mage for everything that happend - lol ,what sculpture contests does to mages today.. btw should i go redemption now?
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