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  1. Quote:
    I have a few questions that tickled the back of my brain though
    1. What difference does it make if you tell vargas at the beginning instead of Montague? I would think this especially makes a difference in what happens in the mysterius cottage.
    2. How do you increase your faith in odashai
    3. What does praying at those altars do?
    4. What excactly does that acid protection shield do?
    Lastly I only seemed to win with a bug in the game.
    I almost never check these forums anymore, so sorry this is so late. but to answer your questions...

    1) If you say Montague died, you will find Brundig alive and in prison. You will still get the reward at the cottage, but you'll never find out who left it for you.

    2) There's really only one place that will increase your faith and that's when Sister Elysia asks if you believe in him or not.

    3) If you tell Elysia "no", then praying at the altars will do nothing. If you tell her "yes", then it will heal the party.

    4) The acid protection shield will help you get through the Sea serpent's cave and passed the cave Worms. This quest is a bit buggy, though.

    5)Yes, I know about the Grimly bug. I've never been able to reproduce it, so I can't fix it. I'm not sure what causes it.

    Anyway, glad you liked the game. Be sure to check out the Lyceum and post a review!!!!
  2. The BoE People's Choice Awards are being held over at the Lyseum and we really need some more nominations. Please, head over there and check them out. There are twenty categories that will be voted on, but we need a few more nominees in a couple of the categories before the official voting will begin. Anyone can nominate candidates for each category and all are welcome to vote for their favorites when the official voting gets under way.

  3. Yes, some Mac players are having a difficult time getting the graphics to work. I don't know what the solution is. I have no idea if the file from Spiderweb will work, but you can try it. Make sure you're playing version 2.03 cause there's a nasty bug in previous versions.


    Also, TM may be able to send you a working graphics file as he's the one who created the .meg file for Alexandria. I've heard it can get corrupted when zipped, so maybe you can get an unzipped version from him.

  4. The "whiney guy" part didn't bother me half as much as the second line. What IS the matter with these people? Don't they know that Windows users can't open .sit files? I've already got an email from a player asking me how to open the file. I told him to check out this forum and then to complain to Spiderweb.

  5. When I wrote to Spiderweb to complain about the .sit file, here's the response I got...






    What do I do with this whiney guy?


    Do you want me to figure out how to do the files as .zip instead of .sit?






    Nice, huh.

  6. Here is the the reply I received, the very next day...



    I have only received ONE request to update your scenario. This request is from August 30, a little over a week ago. I have just now had the time to update your scenario and upload it to the website.


    We do support our customers who make and play Blades of Exile scenarios, but only AFTER we have processed customers orders and worked on our upcoming games, which provides us with income, keeps us in business, and allows us to host all these scenarios for free on our website.


    If you do not wish to support our company, that is your perogative. However, please bear in mind that the Blades of Exile scenarios are only one item on our large list of things to do.


    Linda Strout

    Keeper of Blades




    I was all ready to send a thank-you note and apologize for the harshness of my letter, but I checked the site and found that the file there to download is "3advclub.sit"! I can't open a .sit file! Don't think any Windows users can. Give me a break!


    I give up.



  7. Here is a copy of an email I sent to Linda Strout and Mr. Vogel. I thought I'd share it with you here...




    I have twice sent you the updated version of Adventurer's Club 3, which fixes a serious bug, and you have not replaced the old file with this new one. If you are not going to replace the old game, then please remove my scenario from your site. The serious bug that it contains will cause the game to be unfinishable, and for a player to go through such a huge game as this, and not to be able to finish, is simply unfair to those who wish to play this game. By ignoring my requests, you show your lack of interest and support, not only to those who have bought and designed scenarios with your software, but also a lack of caring for the players as well. I am throughly disgusted with your company and will not buy another product, nor encourage others to, as well.


    Thank You


    Jeff Weisler

  8. A nasty bug has been discovered in AC3 which is causing major problems for some players. An escape route from the Holding Area in Volton's Complex, that was created for debugging purposes, was inadvertently left in the finished game. New versions have been uploaded to both Spiderweb and Alexandria.


    If you have used this "escape route" and are experiencing some strange and confusing things, contact me. I am working on a patch to get you back on track. Reverting back to an earlier save spot and avoiding this route will also solve any problems.


    If you have not visited Volton's Complex yet, then you're okay. Just don't exit out the convenient tunnel inside the Holding Area. Just pretend it's not there!



  9. "I think it has come time for Spiderweb to do what it should have done years ago, and that is declare BoE abandonware. They should admit that they don't have the first clue what's going on in the BoE universe"

    I agreee whole-heartedly with this statement in particular!


    In fact, I am very undecided as to whether I will design any scenarios for BoA. Why should I? Why would I want to support Spiderweb any further? Why would I want to help Spiderweb sell more copies of it's software when I receive nothing in return? What recognition do I get from Spiderweb? We could all ask ourselves these questions.


    Of course, there is the BoE community, and now, the growing BoA community. I suppose they count for something. (Of course they do!) So, what do I do? I don't know right now. But if I do decide to contribute to BoA, it will be with very mixed feelings.

  10. Did you submit your scenario to blades@spiderwebsoftware.com instead of the old blades@spidweb.com?


    The latter got me nowhere. When I sent to the first address, I got a response.


    Also, you could try lsstrout@spiderwebsoftware.com as well.


    Also, I did receive a message stating the correct graphics files have been added. Well...the .bmp file is there, but the .meg file is empty! So Windows players are all set. The Mac people will still need to wait or go to Alexandria. confused

  11. The complete version of AC3:Retribution has been posted in the Untried and Untested table here at Spiderweb. Unfortunately, it does NOT contain the correct graphic files. They used the old ones from Part 1, which will not work for the complete version.


    The game can be downloaded, correct files and all, from Alexandria.

  12. Go check with Vargas and ask about "mission". If he hasn't got any response, then it might be Col. Viatrix who you need to talk to. The fortress is along the eastern border of the mountains, south of the Neph caves.

  13. You can't finish the quest until you find Shamus. That won't happen until near the end of part 2. For now, just continue doing quests for the newspaper, the guardians, or Erasmus (depending on where you are).


    Desert Plah...


    Yes, Twinsen gives you just one name. But that evetually leads to learning who they all are.

  14. Adventurer's Club 3:Retribution (Complete) is now available for download at Alexandria. Many thanks to Brett Bixler for posting it. Spiderweb has yet to do it.


    As of yet, there is no graphics file for the Mac. If anyone can create one, please send it to Brett.

  15. 1. You'll have to fly into the mountains, north of Odashai's Shrine.


    2. You'll need to fully explore the Hunting Grounds to set a flag that will cause the Golden Unicorn to appear the next time you enter. To be specific, you need to walk along the south shore of the lake as far as you can.


    3. Frank Twinsen in Liberty will mention the black market. Asking him about it will give you all the names of the people who deal in it. Including one who sells Vigara.

  16. AC3:Retribution(Complete) is available for anyone who sends me an email requesting it. Minor bugs are still being squashed, but it is basically finished. When my last beta tester has finished, I will submit it to Alexandria. An early version has been submittied to Spidweb, but I'm doubtful if it will appear there soon. Don't know what the problem is. You would think the more scenarios that are posted, the better chances that more people will register BoE and that would mean more $$$ for Mr. Vogel. Besides pissing off the designers who have helped him sell his product, he's hurting himself as well.

  17. I don't know about #1, but #2 should be pretty basic. First define the item, similarly like I've done below...


    begindefineitem 445;

    it_name = "Wand";

    it_full_name = "Wand of Magma";

    it_ability_1 = 207;

    it_ability_str_1 = 10;


    "207" means it will call a state in the scenario script. "10" is the number of the state to call. Then, in the scenario script, put something similar to this...


    beginstate 10;

    if (has_item(446) == 1) {





    message_dialog("You're out of magma crystals.","");



    Yours will be different, but you should get the general idea from this.

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