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  1. With the release of the Windows version of the game, I was wondering if someone conclusively knew whether the save games were compatible between the Windows and Mac OS X versions. I was able to simply copy and paste a save game folder from my Mac to my Windows machine, and successfully load the game on the latter, but I was hoping for some assurance that it wouldn't lead to trouble down the road.
  2. Just wanted to note that this is a preview based on about 30 hours of gameplay, not a full review (which would presumably be offered after the final release of the Windows version of the game).
  3. A three page preview of a beta of the Windows version of Avadon was published on one of my favorite RPG sites, GameBanshee. http://gamebanshee.com/previews/102399-avadon-the-black-fortress.html
  4. I'd like to add my voice in support of making the dialogue text size an option. Everything else seems to work well so far.
  5. Originally Posted By: Randomizer Originally Posted By: pulverizer Does the game actually continue to scale the effects of the skills when they are (artificially) set to values beyond 8? It does since some items can increase them. Damage skills add 4 extra levels of damage and increased chance to hit. Is there still a hard limit on how high the values can go without breaking the engine?
  6. Does the game actually continue to scale the effects of the skills when they are (artificially) set to values beyond 8?
  7. Originally Posted By: Madd The Sane So any news on the Steam version, or is it going to be delayed until the Windows version gets developed? As for the price difference: you are only getting the Mac version. Some people like to have matching versions of their games for Mac and Windows. Mac App Store apps, by agreement, must not have their own copy protection in them. This means that you can install Avadon on as many Macs as allowed by the MAS EULA. I guess I should have been clearer: I was referring to the SpiderWeb version when I said that you could install it as many times as you wanted (in contrast with the MAS version, whose EULA restricts to 5 installations).
  8. I am doing a loyalist playthrough (still on my first playthrough), and just received the quest from the Wayfarer to aid Calantha in Bereza Woods. I have been ignoring the Wayfarer's requests so far as he definitely seems a shady character (to an Avadon loyalist), but Calantha seems quite sympathetic, so I am tempted to do her quest. However, my question is this: does doing that quest (or any Wayfarer quest) prevent me getting the best loyalist ending (presumably a promotion to Heart)? Just looking for a low spoiler answer.
  9. Originally Posted By: RDS You all forgot the best thing about the MAS version..... it useable on 5 Macs. Avadon uses a more traditional license key, instead of the installation-specific registration code from the previous games. As such, you can install it on as many Macs as you like without asking Jeff for new codes for each installation.
  10. Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES Originally Posted By: Lilith The Greek letter mu is pronounced mew like a cat. The Japanese word mu is pronounced moo like a cow. For once, Lilith is incorrect. Ancient Greek µ is indeed pronounced "moo." Modern Greek µ is pronounced more like "mih", but neither one is a "myoo" sound (like the pokemon). Actually, I'd beg to differ: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mu_%28letter%29 It is pronounced as mŷː -- that's impossible to recreate in "spells-like" English as English lacks some appropriate consonant sounds, but "mew" or "myoo" is closer than "moo". Overall, it seems both are accepted modern pronunciations. Edit: Ah, I see that the unicode didn't come out correctly for the phonetics. Please refer to the linked wikipedia entry instead.
  11. I have discovered the culprit: Automatic graphics switching. The machine is initially running with the integrated graphics and starting the game switches it to the discrete graphics card. However, it seems there's a slight delay during the switch due to which the game/OpenGL starts up before the switch is complete, pushing it out of full-screen mode. If I disable the automatic graphics switching, such that the discrete graphics is being used from the beginning, the game enters full-screen correctly. Not sure if there's anyway for the game to ensure that it waits before the switch is complete to launch (especially as it is the launch that initiates the switch).
  12. Tried with a fresh download (after deleting the installed copy and preferences) and still the same problem. I guess it might be best to wait for some other folks who might have a similar setup as me to respond, to see if this is something particular to my machine. I am using one of Apple's newly released Macbook Pro models, if that makes any difference. I'll continue to play in windowed mode in the meantime
  13. I tried deleting the preferences and launching the game again. Still the same behavior. I made sure that "Play Game In Window" was _not_ selected. I am running Mac OS X 10.6.6.
  14. Are folks able to play in the full-screen mode with this version? I am playing on a Macbook Pro and the newer, Cocoa versions of the game always start in windowed mode regardless of my setting. The release version of the game worked fine in either mode.
  15. Thanks for the list! Just for the fun of it, I tried the "item 173" code, but it does not seem to do anything. (I am assuming that it was supposed to add an item to the inventory.)
  16. As a relative late-comer to Spiderweb's games, I was wondering if it was standard practice here to release a game without a prior declared (concrete) release date, as seems to be the case with Avadon? Or is the end of February thing just wishful thinking on people's part and when the game is close to completion, there would be a formal announcement of the release date? I understand that this is a small independent developer setup, but one would think some publicity about the game's release date prior to the actual release would drum up some excitement and be good for business.
  17. I just started playing Geneforge 5, having only played the Avernum series before. I am enjoying the game's story immensely, but one problem I have run into is the limited inventory slots (an effect of having just one PC). Although it seems unlikely, I was wondering if there was a way to eventually gain more inventory slots (e.g., a "bag of holding").
  18. Originally Posted By: Masquerade Ive been playing through Quest for glory for the hundredth time and i had a thought. What if somebody resurrected the character import system from quest for glory? If you haven't already, I would recommend playing Baldur's Gate, followed by Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn and Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal. You can play with the same character all the way through, and they are an awesome set of games. Added benefit: also available on the Mac. Neverwinter Nights and its expansions also allowed you to import your character (as do several user mods/series available for that game). Again, has Mac versions.
  19. I posted this earlier in the tech support forum, but thought I might get a more definitive response here. I apologize for the repeat post. I am playing Avernum 6 on Mac OS X 10.5. When I previously played the game on Windows, I was able to "Look" at NPCs and other items in the game by right-clicking on them. For NPCs, it showed their attitude (friendly/neutral/hostile) and their current/max HP. However, I am unable to get the same functionality in the Mac version of the game -- right-click does nothing, and command-, option-, or shift-click (among other combinations) simply opens up the talk window, like just left-clicking would. The "L" key also doesn't seem to work, as it apparently did in some previous Avernum games. Can others playing the Mac version of the game please confirm that this is indeed the case, and it isn't my installation being broken? Thanks in advance!
  20. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel When I first saw this topic, I launched A6 (for the first time ever) and tried Command/Control/Option-clicking; all simply launched me into talk mode. Nor did the L key work as in the earlier Avernum games. So, I honestly have no idea what the answer could be. I suppose you could always try asking Jeff as a last resort... So it was possible in the Mac versions of the previous Avernum games? I wonder why it was taken out of A6, seems like a fairly important functionality. Is there some way to request it be put in during the next update/patch to the game?
  21. I did try all those (and more) combinations; unfortunately, none of them seem to work. Can someone please confirm that this is the normal behavior on Macs and a not a peculiarity of my Mac setup?
  22. I am running Avernum 6 on OS X 10.5. I previously played the game on my Windows desktop, but decided to try it on my Macbook Pro since I seem to be traveling a lot and it's a good way to pass those idle hours in the hotel rooms Anyway, I realized that right-clicking on NPCs does not seem to work on the Mac version of the game (it does nothing). In the Windows version, it shows the NPC's orientation towards the party (friendly/neutral/hostile), and their current as well as max HP. Is there a different way to get that information on the Mac version of the game? TIA.
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