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  1. No problem but do me a favor: Whenever someone presents art to you online in a forum, or as a game pack, and it's low quality, consider being honest and telling them. You wouldn't believe how many reddit forums I have been banned from, simply for saying someone's art pack or newbie artwork is clearly not as good as the vast amount of quality work available online. People have no sympathy for the user, who must sift through these garbage posts, and there is no sympathy for the hard work that skilled art requires. If you searched for art packs online, you won't find ones of high quality. It
  2. Here's the mod for the art. It's for Avernum 2 so it's using the Avernum 2 folder names but I assume they'd work for Avernum 1 and 3 also. https://mega.nz/file/3BhjlabR#dT606yrZSK42D-VPohW43LYoRo00RQ_6Jo7R1XQVC_c
  3. It's very simple to find an answer, or even to do it yourself. The art of the game is determined by an image file for each piece of art. If the modification files match the names of the destination files (in your game's folder), then it will overwrite them and replace them. If not, you may have to change the names of the modification files so they match the original file names of the game folder. If they don't match, it's possible that the second game's graphics are different than the first game's. The art may be different sizes, file types, etc. But it's unlikely because Jeff Vogel like
  4. Alcritas, is there a reason you prefer to email scenarios whenever a complaint is heard, rather than upload them to divshare and give a permalink? Perhaps you could give Ahbleza permission to release his own fixed versions of your scenarios also.
  5. Alcritas said "Lamentations is simply broken", in my previous thread. (http://www.spiderwebforums.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=213050#Post213050) You could possibly place him yourself and attach him to any relevant nodes in the town. I'm having trouble myself with the scarecrow in Redemption not appearing, and have basically given up trying to fix it.
  6. Interestingly both points of view apply - My initial problem was a broken scenario that needed to be edited in order to work properly, but since then have tried to fix other scenarios only to find out that I simply wasn't playing the game right. The problem is how can a player know -- hard to say. Intellectual property rights are an interesting topic and deserve an entirely new topic on it. There could be one already for all I know. My opinion is that when a person gives something to me, whether it is a car or a painting, I can do as I please with it, unless agreed to otherwise. As mu
  7. Here is the version fixed by Alcritas: http://www.divshare.com/download/12355027-0e0 Thank you for reminding me to share Milla, and grats on figuring out the problem on your own! Your mind should take you far.
  8. Firstly and most importantly, you should share those fixed versions! (I recommend divshare or mediafire). If you do please mention which engine they are designed for. I don't have the "original system" (Original Blades of Exile) because I never bought it, I've only downloaded the OBoE, so that's why I'm stuck with some scenarios that aren't made for that engine, including Of Good and Evil which Alcritas had to explain to me why it didn't work and was kind enough to send me a fixed version. (http://www.spiderwebforums.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=213050#Post213050)
  9. Hey you know what Celtic YOU"RE dead to me huh what'd'ya think 'bout that!!?! Posting to various places would be ideal.
  10. I hope we're talking about the same Blades of Exile engine, or else we might be misunderstanding each other (I'm using the updated free version). As it happens, Ship to Algiers was naturally the first one I tried, because it was the first in the story, and for novices (I did my homework before starting), but couldn't get anywhere so I figured it was bugged. I moved on because Of Good and Evil is supposed to have the best story anyways, and as I'm finishing up Falling Stars, I think that's true.
  11. The text is available by reading "Edit Town Text" "Edit Scenario Text" and "Edit Outdoor Text"
  12. There used to be pages for Alcritas scenarios, with walkthroughs and maps, but all these websites are now gone forever. Even TrueSite4Blades does not have the content, only bad links. Anyone have some walkthroughs/other misc. things handy, or maybe a good link?
  13. Does this mean you have personally updated your scenarios? I'm betting you just use the original BOE. If not, post 'em on the Lyceum or divshare please! Redemption is bugging on me and I don't want to waste more time trying to figure out the editor.
  14. And now -- the perfect thread to talk about great stories in games. Post your favorite BOE scenarios, then your favorite RPGs of all time, and talk about why you like them! Favorite RPG: FFVI Favorite BOE Scenarios: Haven't completed enough yet. Coming soon.
  15. Some quick things that got me through my last game were: Placing open doors to rooms I could not access. Giving myself necessary plot items I could not acquire otherwise. Finding the special node that wasn't working right, copying it, and placing the copy somewhere else.
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