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  1. From the main part of the forums I thought this was a topic about welcoming a boar. Oh well, Alorael becoming board admin is good enough.
  2. Tirien

    Big Argument!!1

    I had a pair of turtles once. Their habitat was in my room. They liked to did at night. All I ever heard while trying to sleep was "scrapescrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape". Truly, turtles are sanity's nemesis.
  3. Tirien

    Big Argument!!1

    Sometimes I wonder as to the sanity of everyone on these forums. Then I remember the fluffy turtles.
  4. I have to agree with this, I got the frost turret as soon as I could, and got through almost half the game so far thanks to that and the Snare turret. Sure, it might not shoot on the first turn when its summoned, but the damage turrets can put out and the fact they can act as tanks can keep you alive against enemies that are much stronger than you. Also hi I dont even remember when I was last on the forums.
  5. How is becoming insanely powerful and god like because a nice inn got destroyed like reality?
  6. Tirien

    Hold me

    Watched Life of Pi a few days ago, which was a incredibly good movie, since this seems to be a movie thread now.
  7. Obviously he is high on this thread being locked within a few hours?
  8. not to mention $999 wouldnt pay for this. And the fact that Morrowind was far superior to Skyrim.
  9. Should someone post a image of a bento box before the thread eventually is locked?
  10. I always imagine weaponized mechanical pencils to be like a nail gun that fires pencils. They really should make them like that.
  11. Since everyone is coming back, I might as well pop in as well, despite being a semi-newbie who does nothing but lurk these days.
  12. Zombies, because, like this thread, they keep coming back, over and over and over. Oh hey I'm adding to the necromancy. Go me!
  13. I certainly thought so after getting caught between SCP-173 (the statue) and the old man, and dragged into his own dimension and wandering around lost while he kept flickering around before killing me. Of course, there isn't that much content in the game so far.
  14. Psh. Amnesia isn't scary. You want scary? Play SCP-Containment Breach. Best part about it? Its not even in beta yet, and is still scarier.
  15. Tirien

    Poll: Pie

    Why do I not see Marionberry anywhere? The best berry ever isnt even listed. ;n;
  16. Kill the bot who dared to dirty this thread.
  17. Originally Posted By: Dantius It's not so much that it would care if it were a human, so much that it is that other humans would care. I know I'd be pretty freaked out if my neighbor's wife died and he turned her into a helicopter. Whats wrong with WifeCopters? Sounds perfectly legit and acceptable to me.
  18. I have found it to be more fun watching people play Amnesia, rather than play it myself. Watching them run around screaming is always hilarious.
  19. I saw that yesterday, if only all cats could fly. Then the world would be doomed.
  20. Originally Posted By: Excalibur Because the mods and admins give them titles. They have a sense of humor, after all. Just like the time I was given the Banned Title. Ah, good times.. good times..
  21. Hmm.. Probably when I first played a spiderweb game, Avernum 2, and ran about on the demo for over a month before buying it, and loving every moment of its size, the secrets hidden about, and the massive storyline and descriptions.
  22. Originally Posted By: Micawber Kids these days Agreed, they scoff at the classics like Centipede and Asteroids and run off to Call of Duty and whatnot. In my days, 16-bit was considered fancy! *shakes cane*
  23. *Takes one look at the bus, and has the same reaction as Dantius did* Tirien: Nothing good will come of this. YOU ARE ALL DOOMED, THE BACON LORD SHALL SMITE YOU ALLLL!
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