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  1. Sleep cloud is where it's at.... Nothing like a bunch of sleeping enemies lying around the battlefield, priests and mages could beat them with bare hands!
  2. Originally Posted By: Sylae Corell I personally like the daisychaining summons. It adds a strategic element to the combat...destroy the summoners before they can summon too many summoners. I do kind of enjoy this element of the game, but I could also see how it could bug some people...lol. I suppose I enjoy endless battles.
  3. I hope we figure something out, it would be nice to see another archive-like page go up! I suppose if I ever had the free time I could learn how to make a web page or whatever, but my internet skills are so incredibly limited hahaha. It would probably take some time for me to set anything up.
  4. That would be awesome if The Archive went back up! Yeah, I had noticed it went down ages ago and just never actually said anything to anyone. I mean, as far as my searching has gone, it was definitely the most complete and easily navigable scenario page I have come across. I was so bummed when I wasn't able to find it anymore! It's also great being back in the community, I was always checking The Lyceum which seemingly has mostly died, but I thought because it was dead, that was the end of exile...haha glad to know I was completely mistaken. Spidweb forums is where it's at!
  5. Is there just a flat list of all the scenarios out there? And cool, I'll have to get that package right now thanks for the fast responses! Ah, and yes, Kelandon's BoE Archive is definitely the site I was looking for, too bad it no longer exists! If I do have trouble finding a specific scenario I'll let you know! And thanks for the welcome, been playing exile off and on for years and years, one of the greatest games of all time.
  6. I don't know, I like fighting off massive armies of spawned enemies every so often. ;D Being able to pause, eat lunch, then come back and the turn still going is always a good time!
  7. Hey, I was looking for this website called The Archive that compiled most BoE scenarios, and it seems to have just fallen off the planet. I liked the format and the easy access to nearly every scenario out there. Anyways, since it is gone, I was thinking, is there anyone who has a copy of all known BoE scenarios on their computer? It would be cool if there was some kind of compressed file that has all scenarios in it...it would be nice to have a hard copy backup of them in case website that contain them die; and of course just so I have them all ;D. I don't know if there is something stopp
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