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  1. I cannot see the images in the OP in Chrome and Explorer. Anyway, I think 2X magnification with no smoothing would be fine. I don't care if the game looks pixelated.
  2. I would like to see 2x magnification too.
  3. OK, the problem had nothing to do with the operating system being 64 bits. Rather, it was because I moved the default OS downloads folder to a different partition. This can be easily done in Windows 7 by right-clicking on the folder and adjusting the settings on the "Location" tab of the properties page. This is a new feature of Windows 7 which Avadon apparently does not support.
  4. Surely the system requirements for Avernum 5 are less than 2.2 GHz?
  5. No luck. Tried using a different download link and browser. Same problem. The installer seems able to extract the contents of the archive, but then is unable to proceed.
  6. I get a 1013 "Failed to run setup" error if they're related in any way. Compatibility mode is grayed out.
  7. Yes, I realized that belatedly. However, Avernums 5 & 6 run OK on the same system. (Especially Avernum 6.)
  8. Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES I'm not sure direct data editing would help you anyway since formulas are used to calculate weight capacity. However, use GREP and just change all occurances of the weight variable in the item definitions to set it to zero. This is what I did, only I did it just for items that cannot be equipped.
  9. The problems still remain with the April 2011 nVidia drivers and the DirectX Run-Time Engine installed. [edit] Forgot to add that I've since upgraded to an nVidia GeForce GTX 460.
  10. In AV5 lamps were really necessary for caverns and such since they were very dark. However, everything in AV6 seems to be lighter, making lamps seem useless. Are there any other uses for lamps? Do they increase your chance to hit in dark areas? Also, does Anatomy work just for melee and missile attacks, or for spells as well?
  11. I couldn't find Bortund anywhere north of the Castle. Where is he exactly? [edit] Oops. I though this list was for AV6.
  12. After examining the portraits for Avernums 4-6, I think the original portraits somehow got "squashed" between the time they left the artist's hands and the time Jeff got them. Compare the images below: At left is an example of one of the original portraits as they appear in AV5; at right is a version I stretched vertically a tad in a graphics program. At least to me the stretched version looks marginally better... If this is in fact the case, I'm surprised nobody noticed/commented upon it before now. :shrug: Some of the newer sprites (such as G230, G231, G242, G243 in AV6) probably don't need any fixing. Some of the sprites (such as G226 in AV6) could probably benefit from having the modification applied *twice*.
  13. [edit] Moved to tech support since that is probably the better place.
  14. My hunch would be a DirectX issue, you can't install older DirectX versions on Windows 7 as far as I know.
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