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  1. Do you even have to ask why? Seriously if you hate wine and you're vehement about linux at this point, just run VirtualBox or something and play in a VM. I can't see how porting to Linux would ever be a profitable move for this company.
  2. Has anyone else noticed that Melanchion's followers attack HIM instead of YOU if you pick a fight with him? At least, they attack him for the first 5 seconds of the battle, before he splatters them all over the walls. And invulnerable potions are the most fun thing ever, I love seeing messages like "Guy took 86 damage from fire (2718 resisted"
  3. Those rewards are good for something if you turn around and use them to kill Melanchion after Or Gladwell, I guess. There's something satisfying about the idea of getting the Radiant Soulblade from Melanchion and then trying mightily to plant it in his forehead.
  4. I just find Lethal Blow + Lightning Spray to be really entertaining. It's awesome seeing a damage spread of something like 80 - 200 - 80, where the first guy in the chain just gets hammered compared to his buddies. I can see how quick strike would be cool on casters, but I just don't feel like it's worth it. Instead, I have the Quicksilver Bulwark and the + 1 battle speed sandals to my priest so that she always gets two turns guaranteed -- there's very little she can't recover us from when her turn comes round. Relying on quick strike makes me nervous for cases like that. Otherwise, when I really want to hammer the bad guys, adrenaline rush is always there... For a lot of the game, though, I notice that having my mage summon 2 monsters before the entire party buffs itself is more than enough to get through most fights, esp. with Arcane Summon. I let my mage spend a lot of his turns throwing stuff or poisoning the HPmongers. Then again, I'm only playing on Normal...
  5. That thing he was throwing at the Hordelings sure didn't look like Smite. It looked more like an ice rocket launcher. I just wished he had held back in the first couple of rounds and helped with those Horde Hero things as well. The triad should really have let that Yassho guy run the show, he's given me the best run for my money in the entire game so far I think.
  6. HALF WAY?!?! I was convinced I was almost finished the game!! I've been exploring all around the northen reaches, it's super fun. === SPOILERS === I came across those Hordelings guarding the bridge SW of Formello and thought that the game was "forcing" me to avoid them. Finally I thought, screw it, I killed a freaking invincible necromancer, I can kill these wee lizards. It took a LONG time but it felt real good to wipe the bridge clean and pick up that General's Slith Bloodspear. Rawr. There are so many epic battles in this game, it's just awesome.
  7. I am seriously in AWE of how much stuff is in this game. I've been playing it like a part time job for like 2 months now and I just got the boat :S This is my first Avernum game, so I imagine that this is a norm that you've all become used to, but when I dropped 30 bucks on A6 I assumed it would occupy me for a week or two max. Super mad crazyness yo
  8. Got the A6 demo a little over a week ago, just registered on Wednesday. I've finished 2 of the 3 "first round" quests (Help Gnass and help Patrick's Tower), and was about to do Dharmon for completion, when I thought to try the Blessed Athame quest. My party was around levels 10-12. When I sort of dreamily walked into the melee with Loyalist WhatshisName, at first I started treating it like a cakewalk, and then all of a sudden there are like 20+ badguys on the scene and I had to backpedal. I burned through most of my emergency items (Mass Madness scrolls, wands etc) but it was worth it! That was one of the most fun scenarios I've played in any game in a loooong time. The other randoms in the Fort (those crystal pylon things, the imps, the shade guarding the athame) were icing on top of the rest of it. Super awesome! I'm so glad I paid for this game The thing I liked most about that Loyalist scenario was the sheer chaos factor -- I didn't really know who belonged to what side, especially after I Mass Madnessed a big chunk of them. And that Loyalist Mage was the only one standing after everyone else went down, and she was a really tough nut to crack.
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