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  1. That's actually quite interesting and informative.
  2. JSMany

    Thank You Diki!

    Why did you step down from your lofty position of power? Oh how we n00bs trembled at the very mention of your name, now you're nothing. NOTHING!
  3. Gotcha. Now the only problem is finding myself few more eyes to read all these books. Maybe I can be like that old dude danzo from naruto and steal meself 10 pair of eyes.
  4. Ooo I just read the plot overview and the first paragraph after that, and the book seems to be something I was actually looking for. I only hope this book isn't one of those books with high potential that fizzles out near the end because things just got too complicated for the author to keep track of. Frozen Feet: I've put the Old Kingdom Series on my reading list as well. P.S. Just wondering if anyone ever found a good magic/sci-fi fusion books where magic is part of that futuristic society? Something like the book game Arcanum. I have yet to read anything like that besides Star W
  5. Um... how about alien porn? I'm sure aliens need to breed somehow and whether it's creepy bug on bug gay orgy or alien facehuggers deepthroating each other, I know our dirty minds can film the filthiest crap out there and release them. And just when they are distracted by all that smut, we send in the zombie ninja dragons on prozac.
  6. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel I for one don't read Order of the Stick. Good for you! I applaud your ability to not give a crap about how others see you. I, on the other hand, is just too insecure to not cave in to peer pressure. Go Xykon!
  7. Well I guess I said "intelligent" because 1984 has that mandatory high school reading list feeling to it. For some reason I keep thinking I'm gonna have to write an essay on it and turn it in on Monday. That's what I meant. So what's Snow Crash about? Totalitarian regime, disinformation, Big Brother... etc? boggle: Have you read any of Harry Turtledove's alternative history books? He has some books where the nazis won the war. His books are addictive and fun without requiring too much brain power... kinda has harry potter-ish feeling to them because you keep turning pages after pag
  8. Is everyone here a big fan of Order of the Stick? I guess I needs to start catching up if I want to fit in. Peer pressure and all.
  9. Great suggestions! I'll start with 1984 by Orwell although it seems more intelligent than I was hoping for. I'm also interested in The Name of the Wind and Man in the High Castle but it seems like I have to buy them since my local library doesn't have carry too many fantasies. I've also heard some good things about Discworld but it seems way too epic for me to just casually start. Maybe later? I too have the coldfire books and I remember the main evil guy had a really cool sword but it was a while back, so I don't remember too much. And yeah I read all of David Edding's stuff a while back, but
  10. Holy crap you guys read a lot of books. Um... obviously I'm not as well versed in fantasy/sci-fi lore as the good folks here. May I suggest that each recommend only one or two books they really liked and few sentences explaining why? I think that might be better than discussion on why this Card person who seems to hate all that I love in life.
  11. Any new fantasies out there that's pretty good? I've lost interest in the Wheel of Times after the original author died and other long series such as Sword of Truth just stopped being all that fun after a while. I recently picked up Jim Butcher's the Dresden Files and quite good. Any other fantasy books you guys recommend? Sci-fi's okay too, but I don't usually read them.
  12. I wouldn't mind seeing a new reality tv show called Queer Eye for the Undead Guy where they spiffy up the ugly liches and show pale vampires how to use spray on tan lotions.
  13. I already admitted I made at fault and the problem has been solved. If anything, the manager was much more understanding than some people here. I don't see the point of all the hostility. cfgauss can you please drop it?
  14. "A man's worth isn't determined by what, if anything, is between his femurs!" LOL Well of course that's what lichs and their minions would say. But I'm sure a vamp with 100 harem slaves would disagree. Actually this is the first time I heard about Xykon but IT(crystal scrying Balls don't count) seems like a swell being.
  15. Doesn't matter how much bling you can cover you face with if you can't use it to impress girls. Besides I doubt lichs can even get laid since their danglies must have rotted off centuries ago.
  16. Thanks guys. Yeah they fixed it up in like twenty minutes and said they will be back tomorrow to finish it up.
  17. Originally Posted By: Triumph Hard to imagine there's ever a good reason to reason to wantonly destroy someone else's property... There are better ways to release such energy or emotion. Yes yes I understand. And if I were you, I might say the same thing. But there were extenuating circumstances. Just know that it involved my cousin going through a bitter divorce and he didn't want to see the truth. I said somethings he didn't want to hear and he ended up taking a swing at me. I got upset at him for being so blind and at the time, I wanted to pound his blind face in too. I just punched t
  18. I was going to choose lichs but they are so ugly, I couldn't do it. I'm too vain to live in eternity as a butt ugly skull face. Has anyone seen that one anime with vampires and neo-nazis? I think it was called hellsing and the main vampire was pretty cool in insane sort of way.
  19. Originally Posted By: 1 n33d n0 1n7r0duc710n Stash [fake] body parts in the wall and suprise him when he looks behind the poster, then tell him what realy happened and beg for forgivness. LOL I certainly find this a good alternative if I had some place to fall back on, but I called the management and they fixed it right away. I guess it wasn't such a big deal. Anyway thanks guys. I'll give it a thought to anger management but I really did have a good reason.
  20. Originally Posted By: Student of Trinity Well, you'll now get a tingling in your Schnauzersense whenever there's a mailman in the vicinity. Or if you need to urinate. Does this mean he also gets the ability to sniff his own butt and lick himself?
  21. Unfortunately, I have a manager who oversee the apartment who doesn't like me and likes to nitpick on small things to hassle me often. Anyway I've punched couple of holes in the wall few years back and just covered it up with posters and now that my lease is up for renew, there is a chance my landlord might find out about it. So do you guys suggest I tell the manager? There is a clause in the contract that says I might get evicted for damage that is not normal wear and tear. I'm afraid the manager will use this chance as a excuse to evict me, but I really don't know if I can fix it by mys
  22. Originally Posted By: Enraged Slith Yeah, he seemed fine. No noise, he just kept wobbling and sniffing around at the ground. He's old, there's something wrong with one of his hind legs, and it was hot out, so the woozy stumble could have been due to a number of things. Either way, I carried him back the rest of the way and he was perfectly fine. Glad to hear your dog was okay. And Dantius, your geek penis may be bigger than all of ours combined, but I feel the need to point out that I'm hotter than you.
  23. Was your dog okay? Did he make any noise when he stumbled?
  24. Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES Originally Posted By: JSMany Slarties, I love this. No, seriously. I wish everyone would address me us in the plural! (On second thought, I can't start using first person plural when I type. That would be a lot worse than the plurality of third person singular gimmicks currently running around.) —Slarties, who are borrowing this signature form just to emphasize the point. Address me in the plural, O ye singularities! Sure, Slarties. Whatever makes you guys happy in there. =) Also good to know about the blessing spells.
  25. Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES But wait, you say. Surely bless is just capped at 8 when you cast it, right? Well, it's capped at 8 if you cast Avatar, or if you're a monster and you cast any spell other than Strength. But for PC's casting the other 5 blessing spells, NO CAP IS APPLIED. Slarties, does this mean repeatedly casting Avatar will have no cumulative blessed effect but repeatedly casting good old regular bless will? Or do you have to cast one of each blessing spells to get the most benefit?
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