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  1. THANK YOU!!! This is literally the best thing that has ever happened to this game. Waiting for walking was bogus. Walking speed is now perfect. Totally worth restarting my game! On a side note, I always thought there should be a "speed up button" so if you hit, for instance, the space bar while you were walking, the game turn speed would quadruple or something so you'd move very fast until you got where you were going or something interrupted the walking like combat or a special encounter. This would be great in future versions. It would be especially helpful later in the game once area ar
  2. hi Every box is suddenly empty. I think this is a bug? Am I screwed? I don't really have any old saves... Fortunately, I'm not too invested just yet
  3. I'm on normal but "handicapped" by having just 3 character (which limits my damage output potential considerably). Seriously way harder than Gazahrd.
  4. remember: crack is wack (after that try level 2 or 3 move mountains)
  5. Ok I just wiped out Athron. That was a cakewalk. The eyebeasts were almost more difficult than the dragon, but not really. Motrax does not seem "attackable" in this game Koth basically doesn't exists in this game from what I can tell Sulfras seems basically impossible. After 3 or 4 tries I just gave up. I can get him to about half health, but keep getting wiped out. Anyone have any success here? Strategy tips?
  6. Excalibur, sounds like you should try playing with just 2 or 3 characters. That makes everything a bit more interesting... I usually do my first playthrough with 3 (and I just finished), then do second playthrough with 2, and sometimes just as a singleton. After you try a reduced party, you probably won't go back... 4 characters is just so many to manage! ;-)
  7. There's a ritual to perform to get through the first door and then the grey pass is needed for the second door. I think you find out how to do the ritual elsewhere on the level in a book or something good luck!
  8. and for the record, I didn't really "focus" on archery either. In fact, for the DW fighter, the sword skills are much higher than the bow skills! For whatever reason, bows just do WAY more damage in his case. i wonder how much damage could be done with a real focus on missle over melee.... in this case, it was developed as a backup attack and it's often better, and the mage's arrow is often better than the damage from his firebolt too. Could it be the nephlim bonus is a big factor at high levels? dunno...
  9. You're right the damage would be higher with more focus on hand-to-hand skills, but there is a great advantage at being able to do the damage from across the room (and for free), not to mention avoiding all manner of noxious effects from monsters which damage you back when you strike them in melee.
  10. Got it thanks! If i'd noticed that sooner I could have saved $800 on the extra 2 boats!! :-)
  11. Many thanks to everyone out there making comments on optimization and how-tos. I've read most of them (and have for years on other spidweb games), so kudos to the many contributors who are too numerous to mention by name. Cheers! Some folks were a little downer on missles in this recent romp, and since I love to play devil's advocate, I started investigating. I'm having a lot of fun with an archery focus so I thought I would share. Everybody is level 33 right now and are reasonably focused and optimized. I used the editor to "re-organize" the skills at some point once I learned how the
  12. In the "secret slith" dungeon, there is a point I can't pass. Trying to get to the boat to the central island there are a bunch of glyphs I can't pass behind a secret door, I keep having an "urge to turnaround" or some tomfoolery. What am I missing? thanks
  13. Heyo! After a few wrong turns in waterfall warrens, I've run out of boats. All 3 (unless there are more) are trapped behind waterfalls in the giant lake at the exit of waterfall warrens. I completed the halls of chaos, so should I just not worry about the boats or is there a way to get more boats? or a way to spring the trapped boats? thanks!
  14. Nevermind. I was actually trying to get into Fort Emerald. and I've just found out that nobody can get in there. Moderator feel free to delete this topic. thanks!
  15. hi All - I'm fairly late in the game & doing quests for Melachion. I've also been cleaning out old quests from my list and making sure I have gone everywhere I can on the map. Unfortunately I still can't get into Ft. Draco. I tried using Jeff's script fix, but that didn't work. When I try to talk to Levitt, he only tells me to go see the King. Is there any hope of entering Fort Draco now that I've graduated from Levitt? thanks in advance!
  16. Wow that was easy... most of the brigands could be killed with a single arrow shot. I guess I must have done it way later than when it would have been challenging! Thanks again! Now if I can just figure out a way to get into Fort Draco...
  17. Thanks I don't know how i missed that!
  18. I'm trying to enter Blosk and can't figure out how. Could somebody please help me? I'm pretty far into the game and am just doubling back to finish old quests for completeness. Thanks in advance!
  19. hi I'm unable to get into Ft Draco. I tried the script fix but it didn't work. Levitt just tells me to go see the King. I've already moved to work for Melachion and am just doubling back to clean up. Am i screwed? Is there any way to get in the gate?
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