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  1. I am currently playing through A3 for the first time after beating 1 and 2. However I have noticed that my Nephil archer character never resists any damage despite having decent resistances across the board (40-60% in all categories). This is especially odd because my two magic users have lower resistances but do show reduction in damage when hit. Also my main tank character has an armor of 80% but never resists more than 50% of physical damage done to them. Are these issues bugs or an intended result from playing on Torment? Is there some way I can design my characters attributes to overcome this issue? Thank you!
  2. I originally backed the game last year at 20$ to get a digital download upon release. Should I expect a link tomorrow or is it likely to take a bit longer for those to be sent out? Thank you everyone, I can't to start playing the full game!
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