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  1. I've been streaming / recording play sessions of Queen's Wish for a friend from time to time, and I happened to capture my winning attempt on the final confrontation at the top of the Nisse tower (I must have tried at least 15 times). I thought it went well enough with the music I was listening to that I would post it on here. I was only recording to share with a friend later, so there are a few things I do like type messages and linger on text that I wouldn't if I was intending to share with the internet. Also I don't talk, theres only music but its pretty good music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ua1t7dGMNSY&feature=youtu.be
  2. Boats might actually be a likely feature in Avadon 3 since it seems like we will get to visit Svorgald.
  3. Absolutely loving it so far. Personally I really enjoy the focus on in-depth story and characters, compared to even the more recent Spiderweb games the characterization here is a big improvement. One thing thats always bugged me in Avernum was the whole party just basically being one PC, its really cool to finally have actually characters as my party memebers for once, and interesting ones at that (I wasn't too against Sevelin in the first game but Khalida is already much more engaging than Sevelin ever was). The pacing and scale of the game seems almost twice as big as Avadon 1, I played for about 5 hours and just got past the demo area vs about the hour and a half it took in Avadon 1, and I found the pacing to match this scale pretty well.
  4. So for clarification is this supposed to be only available to certain people or am I just missing something regarding the whole username and password thing? Not that its too big of a deal what with the game coming out wednesday and all, but I am so incredibly hyped for avadon 2 that I'll readily devour the manual anyway. Haha Fort Foresight... I see what you did there Jeff xD
  5. Master1, you seem to not agree with me about my statement about the grammar section of the PSAT. What did you think of it?
  6. Originally Posted By: Master1 I've taken the PSAT twice. And how could you have already taken it, or are you referencing past years? How could someone about the same age as you and a comparable position in society to yours have done something you have done (twice, no less)? Intruiging indeed.
  7. As a fellow junior in high school having already taken the PSAT, it seemed to me that most of the grammar related questions were pretty specific in context. Any influences this forum could have on your grammar would only affect your preformance in a very general way. imo. However, it could be that the lack of variety of the grammar-related content is specific to my version of the PSAT. On the other hand, I suppose it would help with writing that silly, 20 minute essay. However, you would have more luck with the essay if you practice making two pages of repetitive nonesense look meaningful as opposed to working on your grammar. Then again, perhaps making nonesense into something meaningful is what grammar really is.
  8. My most recent play through of G1 was a non-canister solo agent, and by non-canister I mean plot-wise which is <4 I believe. I haven't completely beaten the game yet, but I've gotten past Kazg and did the Sholai refugee quest, cleared the mines and the Arena, cleared a path to Kantre's realm via The Hill (that was rather troublesome), got into Drayk's Vale but got beaten pretty badly by the drayks. My Agent, Naija (because I had just beaten Aquaria when I started the playthrough, and because I always like to make my Agents blue) is level 15, pretty rich with about 4500 coins and some nice item caches. She's got a Shaped Blade and a Reaper Baton, as well as a Submission Baton and all kinds of crystals. My three canisters were: 1) the initial fireball canister (regret taking this one, but that was before I decided to play non-canister) 2) Searing Orbs 3) Dominate, also have an extra point in fireball from the school mind. As for skill points, she currently has 6 in Dex, 5 in End, 3 in Str and Int, 7 in Missle, 6 in Melee, 10 in Quick Action and 7 in Anatomy, 3 and 6 in Battle and Mental Magic respectively, 9 in Leadership and 11 in Mech. My strategy was to scavenge all I could, and I wasn't much of a min-maxer so I just ended up exploring areas and making decisions as I came across them without using prior knowledge apart from what I remembered in my previous playthrough (as opposed to planning out exactly what I was going to do). The exception to this was getting the Searing Orbs and Dominate canisters, which I believe is pretty self explanatory. The combat was fairly entertaining, it mostly revolved around ninja-ing everywhere I could. And by that I mean I would run towards the nearest cover where the enemies are out of my sight range, tap "F" twice to regain all of my AP and continue running. I could potentially get across an entire map before the enemies have a chance to even move. And crystals were even more fun because they don't end your turn automatically when you use them. Javelins were pretty useful early-mid-game, especially against bosses, so I usually kept them in my cache until the I got more powerful weapons in sufficient abundance. I also actually used potions that time around instead of stockpiling, seeing as I didn't have any healing or buff spells. My advice to anyone attempting this play-through would be to scavenge as much as possible, make sure to farm the Tombs as soon as you are sufficiently strong and to stay away from poison/annoying areas that like to deal damage automatically. Edit: Just looked at the date of the last post relating to the playthrough. Ah well, I just spent 30 minutes typing this, might as well keep it up
  9. So assuming there's one join-able for each of the classes, is the character we pick going to be the join-able character of that character of that class? Such as, if I play a Warrior Blademaster, will I be the same character that joins my party if I played a Sorceress? I'm leaning towards no on this, but it doesn't hurt to ask. And if not, then does the join-able of my class simply disappear/is somehow written out of the story, or can they join my party as well? Or perhaps they're around but they don't join my party because they don't need to. Ah, speculation.
  10. Looks like I'm a bit late to this aimhack. I really want to join this one too, but I'm a bit unfamiliar with the setting and I'm afraid that once I have enough time to read sufficient background info to create a character all the spots will be gone. I am new to this and I've wanted to get in on an aimhack for quite some time now. Haven't read much logs (the recent ones anyway. I believe I read most of the logs for the World but that was some time ago).
  11. Originally Posted By: Goldenking Like several others in this thread, I am a junior. My schedule's going to look something like this: AP US History AP Language Arts/Composition (Policy) Debate 2 French 2 Psychology Algebra 2 Exciting? Maybe not. There are some classes in there that I'm sure will be a blast, though. Debate 2 and Psych look fairly interesting to say the least, wish my high school had psych.
  12. Originally Posted By: boggle For most of the past 5 years, I've been a lurker. Can I take oldbie status? I've been a lurker for quite some time too, yet I have very few posts compared to many of the people here. From what I'm understanding of this, you can't be an oldbie unless you contribute to the community, and lurkers by definition don't do that.
  13. G2 was the first one I bought, although I had played G1's demo before that, so personally I place it above G4 and 5 most likely due to nostalgic reasons. Thanks for clearing it up Dantius, and I wouldn't really call myself a purist but I do like story consistency. Usually I just stick with a preferred consistency and ignore the other one. Although about the Councilors: there are two provinces that are (or were) under Shaper control in G4 and 7 in G5. I would imagine that Alwan was Illya's councilor and the northern province's (can't remember the name right now) councilor was either killed or fled. Then Alwan was driven out of Illya, rose to power in Western Terrestia and replaced one of the remaining 7. This is my interpretation of it, there is no mention of this ingame. The 2000 to 200 years thing bothers me though. I would prefer a median, such as 1000 years.
  14. I believe doing the WatchHill and Message to Elrah quests trigger that.
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