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  1. ive played the first two and alot of other puzzle heavy scenarios. so after the governor told me he would contact me or i should bring him any ideas about grimly to him i wandered off assuming that with enough exploring id trigger the next part. but ive run out of places to explore and the only quests i havent done are ones going into the forest and the untamed area, what am i supposed to do to move the game along? who do i talk to/where do i go?
  2. ive played the main quest up to telling governor walwick about grimly, and it seems to have stopped there the only quest i cant seem to complete is finding uncle shamus. execpt for the quests in the untamed area, the huge forest, and the slith area which i cant get into ive done everything else i can find. is there a walkthrough somewhere or am i missing something that should be obvious?
  3. Should have written this after I slept not before. The game play is intense too, the whole thing is as good as any stand alone fantasy game I've ever played, better then a lot. Although its not really a fantasy adventure, sure there are demons and monsters, but most of them are human
  4. Your not rambling, I guess my question should have been phrased "did he end that story where he wanted to or did he not complete it for some reason". When I started playing An Apology and took a few steps in Fort Tassle and the prisoner was killed by an interrogator, and once I talked to him(the interrogator.)I started to realize that just because my characters are on this side does not make me the good guy. I don't mean to sound overly dramatic, but well into Falling Stars I was exhausted/sick of the fighting and death, unlike with almost every other scenario I didn't see myself as the hero anymore I didn't see a difference between the Nordakar/Xancrest side and the UNL side. By the time I made it to the part behind enemy lines with the undead I'd stopped killing UNL soldiers. In Pollox with the vampire fight I dismissed my NPCs so they wouldn't attack everything and just killed the vampires and ran. Rokig Kodar was the worst(best?) UNL outside dwarves trapped inside Orcs below them(who you can talk to get to know, hell trade with them before the inevitable slaughter, maybe thats why that they were so weak, kinda made me feel worse.) and under all that an Ettin. Everything killing everything else even the followers of the "good" gods, Caines, Vayla, Orinna, are killing each other. I guess that despite all of that I was still looking for a clean neat ending all questions answered, but like real life there aren't any. Just unanswered questions. Alcritas really is a genius, I thought I was playing a game, but what he created is so so so much more. I hope this makes sense/slash is understandable.
  5. Just finished playing Tomorrow after replaying all his scenarios, they are even better then I remember. But he never finished that story arc...? Are there notes or something I could track down online to get an idea of how it ends, or does anyone know his current email address so I could pester him with annoying questions?
  6. ever since i started this games its been running slow...just lagging by a few seconds...i havent had trouble playing the other four games either...has this happened to anyone else? anyone have any way to fix it?
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