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  1. ive played the first two and alot of other puzzle heavy scenarios. so after the governor told me he would contact me or i should bring him any ideas about grimly to him i wandered off assuming that with enough exploring id trigger the next part. but ive run out of places to explore and the only quests i havent done are ones going into the forest and the untamed area, what am i supposed to do to move the game along? who do i talk to/where do i go?
  2. ive played the main quest up to telling governor walwick about grimly, and it seems to have stopped there the only quest i cant seem to complete is finding uncle shamus. execpt for the quests in the untamed area, the huge forest, and the slith area which i cant get into ive done everything else i can find. is there a walkthrough somewhere or am i missing something that should be obvious?
  3. Should have written this after I slept not before. The game play is intense too, the whole thing is as good as any stand alone fantasy game I've ever played, better then a lot. Although its not really a fantasy adventure, sure there are demons and monsters, but most of them are human
  4. Your not rambling, I guess my question should have been phrased "did he end that story where he wanted to or did he not complete it for some reason". When I started playing An Apology and took a few steps in Fort Tassle and the prisoner was killed by an interrogator, and once I talked to him(the interrogator.)I started to realize that just because my characters are on this side does not make me the good guy. I don't mean to sound overly dramatic, but well into Falling Stars I was exhausted/sick of the fighting and death, unlike with almost every other scenario I didn't see myself as th
  5. Just finished playing Tomorrow after replaying all his scenarios, they are even better then I remember. But he never finished that story arc...? Are there notes or something I could track down online to get an idea of how it ends, or does anyone know his current email address so I could pester him with annoying questions?
  6. ever since i started this games its been running slow...just lagging by a few seconds...i havent had trouble playing the other four games either...has this happened to anyone else? anyone have any way to fix it?
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